Does Consumer Cellular work everywhere?

Does Consumer Cellular work everywhere?

Consumer Cellular runs on both AT and T-Mobile networks giving it a strong nationwide coverage backed by some of the most respected networks in the country. Coverage is strong nationwide, and Consumer Cellular even has partners providing service in areas outside of T-Mobile’s and AT’s reach.

What towers do Consumer Cellular run off of?

Consumer Cellular uses two networks—AT and T-Mobile. That should give you adequate coverage across the US and possibly even zippy 4G LTE or 5G speeds. (Though you’ll need a 5G-enabled phone to go that fast.) Here’s what coverage looks like on the AT network.

What carrier is Consumer Cellular connected to?

Consumer Cellular provides wireless service using network capacity from AT and T-Mobile and also resells AT wholesale wireless services to other virtual operators.

Does Consumer Cellular have their own towers?

Consumer Cellular is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). This means that instead of having its own unique cell towers, Consumer Cellular buys wholesale minutes and data from other carriers and piggybacks off these carriers’ cellular infrastructures.

Is Consumer Cellular dropping 3G?

For example: Consumer Cellular uses AT or T-Mobile so their 3G device connectivity would end on February 22, 2022 or July 1, 2022. What happens to 3G phones after that date? Your phone will no longer be able to make phone calls. Apps and websites will not work over a cellular connection.

What does LTE+ mean on my phone?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and it is a 4G (fourth-generation) mobile network technology that enables maximum data speeds of up to 300 Mbps; LTE+ stands for LTE Advanced and it is the enhanced version of LTE that can offer maximum data speeds of 1-3 Gbps and average speed of 60-80 Mbps.

Is Consumer Cellular 3G 4G or 5G?

At Consumer Cellular, all of the smartphones we currently offer are 4G LTE capable, and our nationwide network has LTE in more areas than ever before. You can check out our selection of affordable smartphones to find out specific information about each phone’s specifications.

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