Does Alt-J tour in the US?

Does Alt-J tour in the US?

29, 2018. Idiosyncratic rockers Alt-J announced their return to the stage on Wednesday. The British group will embark on a North American tour – predominantly of arenas, but with a smattering of shed and theater plays – in February 2022. The trek begins at Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, Penn., on Feb.

Who is Alt-J touring with in 2022?

Catchy tunes and singalong anthems will come together when Alt-J and Portugal. The Man hit the road together on their joint 2022 tour. From February to April, the breakout indie co-headliners are set to play 31 concerts all over North America including shows in New York (April 11) and Philadelphia (April 13).

How long are Alt-J concerts?

Most Alt-J concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the opening acts, encore, etc.

What is GWIL Sainsbury doing now?

Now working exclusively as LOOR, Gwil is making transcendent, experimental dance music, heavily influenced by his experimentation with DMT.

Is Alt-J still a band?

Alt-J (stylised as alt-J, real name Δ) are an English indie rock band formed in 2007 in Leeds, by Joe Newman (guitar/lead vocals), Thom Sonny Green (drums), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards/vocals) and Gwilym Sainsbury (guitar/bass)….

Past members Gwil Sainsbury

Is Portugal. The Man opening for Alt-J?

For the throwback covers, Portugal. The Man recruited Cherry Glazer (“Steal My Sunshine”) and Sir Chloe (“Novocaine”), who will both provide opening support on the coming 2022 tour with alt-J. The North American tour will begin on February 25th in Pittsburgh and run through April 17th when it ends in Toronto.

Why did the bass player leave Alt-J?

Award winning British band Alt-J say they will not replace bassist Gwil Sainsbury. He quit the band earlier this year for “personal” reasons. The remaining members confirmed that they would stay together shortly after he revealed his plans and now say they won’t be looking for anyone new.

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