Does a shaver socket need to be earthed?

Does a shaver socket need to be earthed?

Both types of shaver socket-outlet may be either Class I construction (having metal parts required to be earthed) or Class II construction (having no exposed metal parts required to be earthed).

Can you spur off a shaver socket?

A shaver socket must only supply one item. If there are two outlets they both must have their own isolated windings. They are type tested and it is not permissible to alter them and although it would seem safer to have the transformer remote from socket it is not allowed.

What back box do I need for a shaver socket?

When it comes to fitting a shaver socket, usually FCUs will be mounted onto a back box that is chased into the wall. As they are fairly deep this will in most cases need to be a 47mm back box.

Does a shaver socket need a fused spur?

Shaver sockets are normally dropped off the local lighting circuit eliminating the need for any additional fusing. If connecting to a ring final circuit a FCU with a fuse size to protect the cable from the spur to the shaver socket.

Does a bathroom need a shaver socket?

Generally speaking, the only type of shaver socket allowed in a bathroom is the type with a transformer. But there are certain exceptions to this. When choosing a shaver socket, always look for British Standard BS3535 mark to ensure it is suitable for use in the bathroom.

Can you run a light from a shaver socket?

Probably not, I believe a shaver socket (what a lovely quaint idea, is it for a shaver or to give yourself that hotel buzz every time you shower!) runs at 110V and your light will probably be 230V so wont be compatible. There are light units with shaver sockets in them, they might be set up to run on lower voltage.

Can a shaver socket be wired to the ring?

Shaver Sockets can be installed either by connecting to a ring main with junction box, or from an earthed lighting socket.

Can I install a shaver socket in my bathroom?

Low voltage shaver sockets should only be used in a bathroom. In accordance with the updated 17th edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations, it is safe to install electric shaver sockets in your bathroom providing the socket is 110v and installed in zone 2 or beyond.

Is it illegal to have a plug socket in the bathroom UK?

Electrical sockets are permitted in bathrooms or shower rooms as long as they are located more than 3m from the edge of the bath or shower. Specially designed shaver units are an exception to this rule and can be located slightly nearer, but still no closer than 600mm from the bath or shower.

Why is a shaver socket allowed in a bathroom?

UK shaver sockets are not a lower voltage, but the ones in bathrooms include an isolating transformer and thermal cutout so that neither wire of the shaver has any voltage to earth (so a shock to earth is impossible) and the socket cannot be used for more powerful appliances.

Why do shaver sockets have 2 pins?

In the UK, you can often find two-pronged sockets in bathrooms; the idea of these is that they offer a lower voltage than standard three-pronged sockets, so are safer to use for charging lower-powered devices.

Where can I buy a shaver socket?

Shaver Sockets | Shaver Points | Buy Shaver Sockets at Use and recharge electric shavers and toothbrushes. Safe, efficient and convenient. Hundreds of stores nationwide.

How deep should a back box be for a shaver socket?

To ensure that the shaver socket face plate is fixed securely in place a back box will need to be fixed into the wall so that it can be screwed to the front. As we have stated above this will need to be a 47mm deep back box to take the depth of the back of the shaver socket face plate.

What is a fuse for a shaver socket?

The fused connection unit or FCU features a replacable fuse that, in the event of any issues will blow and cut power to the shaver socket. As mentioned above, the fuse itself should be a 3 amp fuse and the FCU should be placed outside of the bathroom if fitting your shaver socket in a bathroom.

What voltage should a shaver socket be in a bathroom?

Providing the Shaver socket is reduced to 110V it should go in zone 2 or preferably, zone 3, never in zone 1. There should be no 240V sockets in the bathroom at all.

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