Do your choices matter in Far Cry 4?

Do your choices matter in Far Cry 4?

You’re a god, but you don’t matter. You have choices, but those don’t matter.

What happens if Sabal leads the Golden Path?

In the mission To Reap What You Sow, if Sabal is selected to lead the Golden Path, he will order Ajay to kill Amita, arguing that she is “just another Pagan” and has no respect for her heritage.

What happens if you stay at the table in Far Cry 4?

When that happens, Min tells Ajay to stay put and wait for him. Now in most cases, this would be your cue to begin playing the game. But if you wait roughly 13 minutes Min comes back and takes you to a shrine to leave the ashes behind. Once you do that, the game is over.

Can you spare Pagan Min?

These story endings differ depending on your choices when you confront Pagan Min at the beginning and end of the main story campaign. You will have the option to kill Pagan Min, or to spare him. Your choice in that moment will directly effect what is revealed to you.

Should I shoot Pagan?

DON’T SHOOT You can do whatever you like, but if you’re only going to play the Campaign once, we heartily recommend this ending. If you don’t shoot, Pagan will chat with you as he finishes eating, then get up and take you to Lakshmana.

Where is Amita after the ending?

If the player sides with Sabal but decides not to kill Amita, after the end of the game, Amita can be found at the Sherpa Yak Enclosure on the top of the mountain north of Banapur, but cannot be interacted with, and is treated by the game as simply a regular civilian NPC.

What happens if I don’t shoot Pagan Min?

Spare Pagan Min Ending If you don’t pull the trigger, you will put down the gun an sit down for dinner. This is where Pagan Min will drop a bombshell on you: you are the king of Kyrat. Pagan will then get up and lead you to where you need to go to Lakshmana.

Is there a secret ending in Far Cry 4?

Secret Ending At the end of the conversation, Pagan tells you to sit still and wait for him to come back. Normally, you would leave and properly begin the game, but if you wait around for about 13-15 minutes, then Pagan will actually come back and bring you to Lakshmana.

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