Do Santander bikes have lights?

Do Santander bikes have lights?

Blaze Laserlights have been fitted to all 12,000 Santander Cycles to make riders more visible and increase their confidence on the roads. All cycles now have this feature, which was added in partnership with Santander UK.

Can you ride Santander bikes at night?

E xploring London at night on a bike has never been easier. Santander Cycles has announced the launch of new Blaze Laserlights, which project an image of a bicycle on the road six metres in front, making the rider more visible in the dark.

Do Boris bikes have lights?

Tip: The cycles have lights that come on automatically when you start pedalling.

Can you ride Boris bikes at night?

our thousand Boris bikes have now been fitted with ‘laserlights’ as part of a London-wide safety drive.

Do you have to dock Santander bikes every 30 minutes?

So long as you return a bike every 30 minutes, you can keep riding all day for just £2. You have to wait just 5 minutes between rides. To return the bike, push it firmly into an empty docking point at any docking station and wait for the green light to appear.

Are Santander bikes free for 30 minutes?

1. Hire and ride. Hiring a Santander Cycle costs £2 for unlimited journeys up to 30 minutes, within a 24 hour period. For journeys longer than 30 minutes, you pay £2 for each additional 30 minutes.

Are Santander bikes electric?

Almost a decade after the idea of adding electric bikes to the capital’s fleet of hire bicycles was first mooted, Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed that e-bikes will finally be introduced to the Santander Cycles scheme next year.

Do Santander bikes have trackers?

GPS Trial. As of January 2020, TfL will be trialling the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on a number of bikes in the Santander Cycles fleet. GPS enabled bikes will be deployed randomly at docking stations across the cycle hire network.

What happens if you dont dock Santander bike?

Other Santander Cycles charges If you don’t return your Santander Cycles bike or you bring it back after 24 hours or damaged, you will be charged up to £300.

What happens if someone steals your Santander bike?

If your key is found by someone else, they could use it to hire or steal a cycle and you would have to pay the charges. Please note: until the user reports a key as lost or stolen they remain liable for any charges.

How many Boris bikes are stolen?

T he number of “Boris bikes” being declared lost has reached a record number, Transport for London has revealed. A total of 1,164 of the hire bikes were lost in the nine months to the end of last September – well up on the 934 lost in the whole of 2020, according to TfL responses to freedom of information requests.

Are Santander bikes tracked?

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