Do ring bearers need a pillow?

Do ring bearers need a pillow?

The ring bearer, traditionally a small boy aged four to eight, walks down the aisle just before the flower girl (if there is one), carrying a pillow with two rings tied to it. Since it’s not the greatest idea to entrust gold rings to a rambunctious 6-year-old, the rings are usually fakes.

Who does the ring bearer give the pillow to?

“He usually walks down the aisle after the last bridesmaid and before the flower girl and carries the couple’s rings customarily on a pillow or in a box,” she says. “He gives them to the best man and they are exchanged during the ceremony.”

How do you use a ring bearer pillow?

Carry The Rings On A Pillow Or In tradition, the ring rests on a pillow in the hands of the ring bearer. Yet it is another opportunity for creativity. For example, if the couple met playing softball then put it on a softball glove. You can also put it in a box.

What size should a ring bearer pillow be?

Most traditional size ring pillows measure 8 inches wide by 8 inches long and include satin ribbon ring-tie streamers for securing ceremonial wedding rings. Decorative ring bearer pillows are available with charms, removable pendants, rhinestone embellishments and satin ribbons and bows.

Do ring bearers carry the actual rings?

The ring bearer carries fake rings. Yes, you’ll surprisingly be using decoy rings for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle. The Best Man should hold onto the REAL rings in his pocket. Here’s why: the ring bearer will undoubtedly drop the rings.

Do ring bearers walk down the aisle?

The Maid or Matron of Honor: The bride’s right-hand woman walks alone. The Ring Bearer(s) and/or the Flower Girl(s): The ring bearer walks down the aisle followed by the flower girl. They then sit with their parents after walking down the aisle.

How do you attach rings to ring bearer pillow?

Firstly, create a loop with one of the pillow strings and place the ring over this loop. Lift up the end of the same string, and place it over the loop as shown in Step 3. Next, place the end of the string through the bottom of the loop and tying a knot this way.

Can the flower girl also be the ring bearer?

While it’s more common to include multiple flower girls in the ceremony, you can also have multiple ring bearers. Only one will be tasked to carry the rings, but the others may hold other objects that will be used in the ceremony. Usually, flower girls and ring bearers range from ages three to eight years old.

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