Do all Jeeps have hidden Easter eggs?

Do all Jeeps have hidden Easter eggs?

They have multiple animals, Willy’s Logos, and objects “hidden” throughout their vehicles. According to Susannah Guthrie of CarAdvice, “Jeep cars have had Easter eggs such as animal motifs or brief messages since 1996.” Not all Jeeps have these hidden mysteries so make sure to check and see for yourself!

What year Jeeps have Easter eggs?

Jeeps first ever Easter egg was on the ’97 Wrangler. It was the iconic seven-bar grille hidden in the cowl. Since then Jeep started placing the Easter eggs more carefully.

Where is my Easter egg on my Jeep?

The signature marks change from vehicle to vehicle and are always specific to the model in which it appears. Easter Eggs have been discovered on headlights, taillights, rear view mirrors, door speakers, cupholders, fuel door, and the inside of the liftgate among other locations.

What Jeep models have Easter eggs?

What Jeeps Models have Easter Eggs?

Jeep Models Does it have Easter eggs? (Yes/No) Easter Egg Location
Jeep Wranglers Yes Hidden Area under the Cargo
Jeep Compass Yes hidden under the front driver windshield
Jeep Renegade Yes Inside Headlight Housing
Jeep Cherokee Yes Steering wheel or under the infotainment screen

What are the hidden things on jeeps called?

You might also find a Willys Jeep on some roof latches or a T-rex skull molded into your floor mats. Some Jeep Liberties have a stamped “JL” under their hoods. Below the “L” is the Morse code that stands for “JL.” If you’re lucky, you could have a lizard hiding under the windshield wipers of your Jeep!

What is hidden on every Jeep?

As Joel Feder of Motor Authority explains, Jeep vehicles have had these little surprises since the 90s. Michael Santoro, hired as a designer in 1989, decided to slip an Easter egg into the Wrangler TJ. Since then, pretty much every Jeep vehicle has included at least one Easter Egg.

Why do Jeep drivers wave at each other?

What is the Jeep Wave? The Jeep Wave is something all Jeep owners can take part in. The practice originally started with drivers of the CJ, YJ, TJ, and JK models, but the Jeep Wave now extends to all Jeep drivers. This wave is a way to acknowledge a fellow Jeep driver and an act of solidarity.

Why does Jeep have Easter eggs?

This inaugural Jeep easter egg actually had a fundamental purpose alongside its fun design flourish, as it allowed more air to get into the vehicle. Ever since that initial little easter egg was implemented in the Wrangler, Jeep designers have had fun putting unique touches all across every vehicle.

Where is the hidden animal on a Jeep Cherokee?

Lurking Lizard: Taking a cue from Santoro’s first Easter egg design, some Jeeps feature a lurking lizard imprinted underneath the windshield wipers. Why a lizard? Lizards are known for the ability to withstand and travel across even the harshest terrain, which makes them the spirit animal of the Jeep lineup.

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