Can you walk over the O2 arena?

Can you walk over the O2 arena?

The giant walkway allows you to climb over the entire arena and enjoy spectacular views at the 52 metre high summit. The fabric walkway is 380 metres long and has a 30° incline at its steepest point. I’ve been wanting to climb the O2 for a long time now, so I’m thrilled that I can finally cross it off my list!

How long does it take to climb over the O2?

90 minutes
How long does up at the O2 take? Climbing up at the O2 takes 90 minutes.

Can you walk around the O2?

Thames-side walkway passing the O2 Arena is a 5.7 mile (13,000-step) route located near Woolwich, London, England. This route has an elevation gain of about 150.9 ft and is rated as easy. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.

How steep is the O2 climb?

28 degrees
The climb basically involves scaling the dome of The O2 (also known as the Millennium Dome) via a blue tensile fabric walkway – I would describe it as bouncy plastic. At the steepest point the walkway has an incline of 28 degrees on the way up and 30 degrees on the way back down.

Is there a weight limit to climb The O2?

Maximum weight: not weigh more than 21 stone/130kg/286lbs. Maximum measurements: maximum waist measurement 125cm, maximum upper thigh measurement 75cm. U18’s Please ensure your booking includes the correct number of adults for every climber aged 8 to 17. Up at The O2 is not suitable for pregnant customers.

Is up at the o2 scary?

It’s not scary, and it’s not that difficult if you’re of average fitness. It is exhilarating, and shows what a spectacular building the Dome really is. Up At The O2 emphatically confirms the venue’s remarkable rehabilitation from a derided white elephant to one of London’s most successful buildings.

How much does it cost to climb the o2?

Up at The O2 Climb Options

The Original Climb (Weekday) from £32.00
The Original Climb (Weekend ) from £37.00
The Sunset Climb from £37.00
The Twilight Climb from £37.00

What should you wear to climb The O2?

1. We shall supply you with a Climb suit, ECCO shoes, harness and safety equipment which you will need for your Climb. You must wear this clothing and equipment at all times during the Climb and must not interfere with it in anyway whatsoever after it has been attached by your Climb Guide.

Can I wear shorts to climb The O2?

Yes. But it’s all part of your adventure on the day. You’ll be given a safety briefing before you go up. And you’ll meet your guides.

Is there a weight limit to walk over The O2?

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