Can you use other labels with Dymo?

Can you use other labels with Dymo?

You can buy Dymo labels or Dymo compatible labels. But if you just buy any labels without that hole, then the labels will just keep feeding while the printer looks for the next hole. 29 of 30 found this helpful.

What labels can be used with Dymo 450?

The DYMO Label Writer 450 is a great printer that can print name tags, stamps, and address labels. However, for 4” x 6” labels, this printer WILL NOT work.

Is Dymo compatible with USPS?

Although the Dymo LabelWriter 450 cannot print shipping labels due to its size, you can still create address labels for mails and envelopes that you can send through USPS.

Do Zebra labels work with Dymo?

Product Description These labels are also compatible with a variety of direct thermal printers including DYMO printers, Zebra printers and Seiko printers. Each thermal label roll is safely sealed in a protective bag to protect the sensitive label material from light and heat.

Can you use generic labels on DYMO 4XL?

Warning when purchasing: If you buy labels from somewhere else, make sure they are 4XL compatible. Generic labels won’t always work as 4XL labels have a special notch cut into the rolls to signal to the printer when to cut off the label feed.

Does DYMO only work with Dymo labels?

At this time, no, only DYMO Authentic Labels can be used in the DYMO 550 Series Printers. DYMO has integrated proprietary technology in the 550 series printers that will not allow for the use of compatible labels at this time.

Can you use Dymo 450 for eBay labels?

As mentioned already, the Dymo LabelWriter 450 is 100% fully compatible with eBay’s postage printing feature. And if you’re already using the 99019 label for your eBay postage, you could also use it for labelling large binder folders as well.

What size labels can Dymo 450 print?

The Dymo 450 works with 2 5/16″ x 7 1/2″ labels (known by SKU 99019). These are compatible with eBay, Endecia,, and more for printing USPS postage. Now, there are plenty of other label sizes supported by the 4XL and 450.

Can I print stamps with a DYMO 450?

A: To print DYMO Stamps you must have a DYMO LabelWriter and it must be a Turbo, Twin Turbo or DUO model. Q: What if I have a different LabelWriter printer? A: If you have a LabelWriter XL, EL or 300 series printer, you need to upgrade to a LabelWriter 450 Turbo, Twin Turbo or Duo in order to print DYMO Stamps.

Can Dymo 4XL print stamps?

Harness the convenience of thermal printing to have a virtual print shop right on your desk! Print postage stamps, shipping labels, address labels and general office labels, all from one simple powerhouse printer!

What size labels does the Dymo 4XL use?

The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL accommodates labels up to 4. 16 inches wide, including 4. 1 inch by 6. 275 inch shipping labels.

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