Can you get an energy rebate for a Nest thermostat?

Can you get an energy rebate for a Nest thermostat?

Energy companies will help you get a Nest thermostat Your energy company wants you to have a Nest Learning Thermostat and start saving energy. Some energy companies send you a Nest thermostat at no cost when you sign up for certain plans. Others give you an instant $100 rebate – no paperwork necessary.

How do I get a free Nest thermostat in NJ?

To get your two free thermostats:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Free Nest Thermostat E” in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Select up to two thermostats and click “Add To Cart.”
  4. Choose your install method and click “Add To Cart.”
  5. Click the shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner to check out.

How do I get a free Google Nest thermostat?

Residential customers who have central air conditioning and have electric or natural gas are eligible for the free thermostat, which retails for $169, per the Google Store. Electric customers must enroll in the Smart Thermostat Program. The program shifts energy usage to off-peak hours for multiple days each year.

Is Consumers Energy offering a free Nest thermostat?

This summer, you can be one of 100,000 Michiganders to get a Google Nest Thermostat E – on us! With your free thermostat, you’ll save up to 15% on your energy bill. ** And, when you sign up for our Peak Power Savers® Smart Thermostat Program, your savings will grow. Learn more at

Who are Nest energy Partners?

To start, we’re partnering with AES, Consumers Energy, Duke Energy, NRG, Portland General Electric, Southern California Edison and Southern Company — some of the most innovative energy providers in the country that are committed to the Nest Renew vision and a carbon-free, resilient energy grid.

What is Nest summer seasonal savings?

Seasonal Savings is an energy savings program that’s available on your Google Nest thermostat in winter and summer. It’s like a personal energy assistant that looks for ways to lower your bills, quietly works behind the scenes, and helps you stay comfortable too.

How much is the Nest thermostat rebate?

Nest Thermostat $65 Rebate Purchase a qualifying Nest thermostat and get a $65 rebate when you enroll in Rush Hour Rewards. Plus, get an additional $30 in summer savings.

How do you install a Nest thermostat?

You’ll get a custom wiring diagram for your system after you’ve installed the thermostat base.

  1. Switch off power to your system.
  2. Remove your thermostat’s cover and take a picture.
  3. Get a wiring diagram from the app.
  4. Remove jumper wires and save them.
  5. Label the wires.
  6. Disconnect the wires.
  7. Mark where screws will.

What are the different types of Nest thermostats?

The Nest Thermostat E has a frosted display that only shows the indoor temperature. The Nest Thermostat works with 95 percent of homes. The Nest Thermostat E works with 85 percent of homes. The Nest Thermostat has a metal ring and comes in multiple colors.

How do I get a free Ecobee thermostat?

Consumers Energy residential customers can receive a free ecobee3 lite as well as their first box of ecobee Air Filters for free with a subscription. Customers on Electric to Combination Fuel Types must enroll in the Consumers Energy Smart Thermostat Program by July 29 to receive the offer.

Do I need to register my Nest Thermostat?

While you won’t need a Nest app account to use all Nest products, you’ll need one to access and control your Energy, Safety and Security products (except Nest Thermostat) with the Nest app. You can use basic functions on these products without an account.

Can Nest do half degrees?

If the temperature drops half a degree below your optimum setting then Nest will ensure it kicks back in again. Choosing lower temperatures will generate a Leaf symbol to show that you’re conserving energy, the idea being your overall costs to the gas man decrease too.

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