Can you get a fibroma on your tongue?

Can you get a fibroma on your tongue?

Specifically, fibromas are on your tongue and the inside of your cheeks and lips. They can even grow on the outside of your mouth and have the potential to become raised.

Do oral fibromas need to be removed?

When treatment is required, the only option is surgical excision of the fibroma with narrow margins. It may recur after surgery if the source of irritation continues. It is therefore also important to manage the source of the irritation. Oral fibromas do not disappear without treatment.

How is tongue fibroma treated?

The only effective way to treat oral fibromas is through surgery. Your dentist may offer laser dentistry procedures that are able to remove the fibromas in a minimally invasive procedure.

Is oral fibroma serious?

Commonly found at the oral cavity, fibromas are essentially outgrowths of tissue that can be hard or soft, and white or pink, depending on their composition. Rest assured – they are usually benign.

What does a tongue fibroma look like?

How can I tell if it’s an oral fibroma? Oral fibromas, also known as “reactive hyperplasia”, are hard and smooth scar tissue. They are usually the same color as the inside of your mouth, unless they’ve bled recently — usually from too much irritation — in which case they might look white or dark red.

How do you get rid of an oral fibroma?

An oral surgeon, periodontist or dentist with surgical training will first anesthetize the area with a local anesthetic; the fibroma is then completely excised (removed) and the wound opening sutured with two or three small sutures.

Do oral fibromas come back?

It may recur after surgery if the source of irritation continues. It is therefore also important to manage the source of the irritation but it should be noted that the recurrence rate is very low [2]. As a benign tumor, fibromas may grow aggressively and oral fibromas do not disappear without treatment.

Is oral fibroma painful?

While fibromas are painful, they are generally not serious and easy to treat. When discussing fibromas, the first and most important thing to keep in mind is that they’re usually benign.

Can oral fibromas be painful?

Can a dentist remove an oral fibroma?

If the fibroma continues to be a problem, it can be solved with a simple surgical procedure. A surgically-trained dentist or oral surgeon will remove portions of the fibroma (usually with local anesthesia) to flatten the skin profile, and then close the resulting wound with a couple of stitches unless a laser was used.

Do tongue fibromas hurt?

Fibrosarcomas are painless, but gradually enlarge. Surgical removal of the growth is needed, and the dental professional should consider evaluating any chronic habits that the patient may exhibit. Chronic cheek chewing, lip chewing, or irritation, such as sharp edges of teeth, may lead to other fibromas.

What does an oral fibroma look like?

The most common sites of traumatic fibroma are the tongue, buccal mucosa and lower labial mucosa clinically, they appear as broad-based lesions, lighter in colour than the surrounding normal tissue, with the surface often appearing white because of hyperkeratosis or with surface ulceration caused by secondary trauma.

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