Can you add a wake tower to any boat?

Can you add a wake tower to any boat?

All our universal wakeboard towers are designed to be adjustable and can fit just about any inboard boat made in the last 50 years. Aerial’s “universal” are carefully designed and tested so that strength and performance are not compromised when installed properly.

How do you reinforce a boat for a wakeboard tower?

Reinforcing your boat to add a wakeboard tower means adding fiberglass, marine-grade plywood, starboard, or steel to the deck to make it thicker. You want to do this because it adds strength to the mounting location.

How much does it cost to install a wakeboard tower?

A quality built wakeboard tower starts around $1,000 and the price can increase to over $3,000 depending on the model and accessories you choose. The average price of a wakeboard tower is about $1,500 including basic upgrades like wakeboard racks and speakers.

Can you install a wakeboard tower yourself?

Installing Your Wakeboard Tower Yourself You will need a drill, drill bits, and a wrench to install your wakeboard tower. We suggest using socket wrenches, but you can also use adjustable wrenches. Many of our customers choose to install their wakeboard towers and have successfully done it themselves!

Where do you place a wake tower?

Have someone hold the top section while you position the rear mounting bases along the gunwale, knowing that these will need to be at least 48 inches aft of the front bases. Use a tape measure to place the tow point in the middle of the boat with the top bar parallel to deck.

Do monster towers fold down?

The Monster Tower folds down flat to fit under your boat cover fast and easy. To fold the tower down remove the Quick Release bolts from the front bases.

How do I choose a wake tower?

In order to determine which Monster Tower would work best for your boat, you need to measure the width and length of your boat. To measure the beam width, find the widest part of your boat and measure from the outer edge of the hull on one side to the outer edge of the other side.

Can you pull a tube with a wakeboard tower?

You should never tow a tube from a wakeboard tower. The amount of force could damage or break a wakeboard tower, lead to damage of your boat’s fiberglass hull and possibly injure someone.

Can you wakeboard without a tower?

No, you don’t need a wakeboard tower to wakeboard—but it’s much more fun with one! It’s very simple. Towers allow you to achieve more hang time when you are doing tricks while you are wakeboarding. You can jump higher on your wakeboard and enjoy more time in the air for awesome tricks when you have a wakeboard tower.

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