Can we order online from arpico?

Can we order online from arpico?

Orders will be taken on a first- come- first- served basis and a fixed number of orders will be taken by an outlet. 4. Orders will be delivered within 48 hours after the order is placed. 5.

Who owns arpico Sri Lanka?

Richard Pieris & Company
It is one of the three largest retail operators on the island, alongside Cargills Food City and Keells Super. Arpico Super Centre is also regarded as one of the two most popular departmental stores in Sri Lanka along with ODEL….Arpico Super Centre.

Type Department store
Owner Richard Pieris & Company

How old is Arpico Super Center?

Boasting of an eventful and a celebrated history of 80 years, the flagship company has not only explored the conventional channels of rubber, tea, tires, plastic and distribution, thereby emerging a local market leader, but also expanded into many contemporary ambitious schemes including financial services, furniture.

How many arpico branches are there in Sri Lanka?

The Arpico retail chain comprises of 19 Arpico Supercentres, 19 showrooms and 22 Arpico Daily supermarkets.

Who is the chairman of arpico?

Viville P. Perera
Arpico Insurance Plc announced the appointment of a new Chairman and Acting CEO recently. Viville P. Perera has been appointed Chairman and Non-Executive Non-Independent Director from 5 November and Harsha De Alwis has been made the Acting CEO from 1 November.

How many laugfs outlets are in Sri Lanka?

38 outlets
LAUGFS Supermarkets began operations on October 31, 2000, with its first outlet opening in Havelock Town and they celebrate 20th year anniversary in this October 2020. Today the supermarket chain has expanded to 38 outlets with 36 of them located in the Western Province and two outlets located in Kurunegala and Chilaw.

How many Keells outlets are in Sri Lanka?

Keells is a chain of supermarkets in Sri Lanka owned by John Keells Holdings….Keells.

Type Private limited company
Number of locations 124 (June 2019)
Area served Sri Lanka

How many Keells outlets are in Sri Lanka 2020?


Type Private limited company
Number of locations 124 (June 2019)
Area served Sri Lanka
Key people Jitendra Gunaratne (President- Consumer Foods, John Keells Holdings) Sanjeewa Jayaweera (Chief Financial Officer- Consumer Foods and Retail industry group, JKH) Charitha Subasinghe (Sector Head- Retail, JKH)

Who is the owner of Keells supermarket?

John Keells Holdings PLC
Charitha Subasinghe – President- Retail – John Keells Holdings PLC | LinkedIn.

How many Keells outlets are in Sri Lanka 2021?

123 stores
The company received two awards at the Retail Asia Awards 2021. Twenty years since their first store opened, Keells Supermarkets continues to be at the top of its game. The chain now has 123 stores all over Sri Lanka, where it has become a household name and a highly valuable supermarket brand.

How many sathosa outlets are there in Sri Lanka?

420 outlets
Lanka Sathosa Ltd is a state owned largest retail network business in Sri Lanka with over 420 outlets islandwide & over 4500 employees.

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