Can I look up my 1098-T?

Can I look up my 1098-T?

Students can print an electronic 1098T form from their Student Center. Select the “View 1098-T” link on the dropped down menu under Finances on their Student Center. You will need to Grant Consent to receive on-line access or print forms electronically.

How do I get my Akron 1098-T?

To Print or view your 1098-T Form

  1. Visit Heartland ECSI.
  2. Choose the following options: Access your 1098-T Documents, Want to look up your 1098-T tax form? and,
  3. Enter the following information: Schools Name (The University of Akron)
  4. Contact the Office of Student Accounts at 330-972-5100 or [email protected].

How do I get my 1098-T fafsa?

To retrieve, log into the Student Portal. Then click on Resources>Business Office>Retrieve Your 1098-T. If a student is not eligible for a 1098-T, they will receive a message indicating that and why they may not be eligible. The Filer’s Federal Identification Number should already be populated in the form.

Can I file my taxes without my 1098-T form?

Yes, you CAN file your tax return without the 1098-T information. However, it may not be in your best interest to do so. Entering in the 1098-T data will enable you to find out if you qualify for certain higher education credits (ex: American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit).

Do you get money back from a 1098-T form?

The IRS doesn’t refund your tuition costs, but they will give you education credits, or an education deduction.

What is the University of Akron federal ID number?

UA identifiers

TIN/EIN (Taxpayer/Employer Identification Number) 34-6002924
NSF Institution Code 0031237000
CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity Code) 2A678
UA DUNS 04-520-7552
FICE (Federal Interagency Committee on Education Code) 003123

Why can’t I log into my Akron?

If you cannot login to My Akron, you may need to reactivate your ID and password by contacting the help desk at 330-972-6888.

Will I get a 1098-T if I get a Pell grant?

Pell grants are not taxable if used for qualified education expenses. It’s listed in Box 5 of your 1098-T as an offset to your Box 1 or 2 figures, which are the amount of tuition & fees received/billed by your school.

Can I claim education credit without a 1098-T?

Yes. You can still claim an education credit if your school that closed did not provide you a Form 1098-T if: The student and/or the person able to claim the student as a dependent meets all other eligibility requirements to claim the credit.

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