Can I leave a note for FedEx indirect signature?

Can I leave a note for FedEx indirect signature?

Can you leave a note for the FedEx signature required? Yes, you can leave a signed note that FedEx can take as evidence, and leave your package in a safe place at the courier’s discretion. This could be a signed door tag alongside a FedEx signature release form.

What is an indirect signature for a package?

Refers to the signature requirement for delivering a package. The package requires a signature but does not have to be the actual recipient named on the package. Another person can sign the receipt of the package such as a neighbor, building manager or someone at a neighboring address.

What is FedEx liable for lost packages?

FedEx generally covers the first $100 of value of a package unless you purchase additional insurance or can prove that they damaged an item worth more than that. With all claims, you’ll want to be sure to have good documentation to make the process go smoothly.

What is direct vs indirect signature FedEx?

Direct signature required (DSR) Someone at the recipient’s address may sign for the delivery. If no one is at the address, FedEx will reattempt the delivery. Indirect signature required (ISR) FedEx may release the package in one of three ways: Obtaining a signature from someone at the delivery address.

Can I leave a note for a signature required package?

Write Your Note On the date of expected delivery, tape the note for UPS on the outside of your front door before you leave the house. This may not an acceptable option in cases where the package requires a signature, but you can still leave a note as long as you plan ahead.

Does FedEx require signature?

No signature required (NSR) The courier will attempt to obtain a signature from someone at the delivery address. If no one is available to sign, FedEx will release the package without obtaining a signature.

Can I remove signature required FedEx?

Signatures are a requirement from FedEx for any package valued at $500 or more. Many times customers ask us to “waive” or remove the signature requirement. Unfortunately, FedEx does not allow the sender to “waive” the signature requirement for high-value items.

Will FedEx refund a missing package?

FedEx Express (U.S.) We offer a money-back guarantee for every U.S. shipment. You may request a refund or credit of your shipping charges if we miss our published (or quoted, as in the case of FedEx SameDay®) delivery time by even 60 seconds.

Does FedEx reimburse for stolen packages?

FedEx. If you have a lost or stolen package, FedEx lets either you or the seller file a claim to cover your losses. The company typically covers up to $100 of the total value of the shipment or the full amount that you insured.

How does FedEx indirect signature work?

Indirect signature required FedEx will obtain a signature from someone at the delivery address or from somebody nearby, such as a neighbor or building manager. The recipient has the option to authorize the shipment to be released without anyone present.

What is indirect signature FedEx?

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