Can Ace Cash sue you?

Can Ace Cash sue you?

The Bureau found that ACE collectors engaged in a number of aggressive and unlawful collections practices, including: Threatening to sue or criminally prosecute: ACE debt collectors led consumers to believe that they would be sued or subject to criminal prosecution if they did not make payments.

Is ACE Cash Express legit?

Ace Cash Express is not Consumer Affairs-accredited; the company, however, has a profile there with a total of 333 Ace Cash Express reviews, and a 1.5-star rating.

Can I have more than one loan with ACE Cash Express?

Every customer can have up to one open loan at a time — whether it’s a payday loan or an installment loan. Some states may have additional restrictions. This helps ensure that you have enough money to pay off your debt and helps prevent overborrowing—borrowing more than you can afford to pay back.

Does ACE report to credit bureaus?

Does ACE Cash Express report payday loan payments to the credit bureaus? We do not report loan activity to traditional credit bureaus. How many loans can I have with ACE Cash Express? Each ACE customer may have one loan open at a time – whether it’s a payday loan or an installment loan.

How much can I get from Ace?

What is the maximum loan term you can get with ACE Cash Express?

Personal Loan Amount $100 – $2000
Loan Term 1 – 3 months
APR 91.52% – 630.13%

Does ACE Cash Express affect credit score?

ACE Cash Express may obtain information from a non-traditional consumer reporting agency and the inquiry may affect your overall credit profile with the applicable agency, but it will not impact your FICO® score.

How do I claim Cash Express?

How can the recipient receive the money in cash? He or she should visit any of the Cash Express agent locations; provide the 9 digit transaction reference number along with the valid ID and claim the money.

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