Are SR Suntour forks any good?

Are SR Suntour forks any good?

We were thoroughly impressed with the performance of the SR Suntour Auron, TriAir package. Even though the fork makes a sloshy-kind of sound under rebound, it’s a noise we can deal with for the performance/value ratio. The noise is easy to forgive with the amount of confidence and control gained.

Is the suntour Epixon a good fork?

Even with a quick-release axle, the stout magnesium lowers and the broad bridge of the Epicon chassis mean it still steers better than most budget forks. With a cut steerer it’s a good weight for a tight-feeling 29er fork too, with only RockShox’s SID coming in significantly lighter – but at much higher cost.

Is suntour Auron good?

It’s lightweight, easy to replace and fully sealed. On top are two adjustments — high and low-speed compression — while rebound lives at the bottom. There’s a wide range of adjustment on all three dials, but the Auron is overdamped on both low-speed and high-speed compression, especially for mid-weight riders.

Is Epixon good for trail?

From XC to Trail the Epixon is a proven performer. Smart designs with lighter weight features makes this a great fork fork any rider looking to shed weight, gain performance or step up your game out on the trails most demanding obstacles.

Who makes SR SunTour?

Mori Industries Inc.
SR-SunTour (with manufacturing plants in Taiwan) bought Sakae Ringyo Company. In 1988 the SunTour name was purchased and revived by Sakae Ringyo Company, (now owned by Mori Industries Inc.) with a capital investment of 45,000,000 NT$ in Tokyo, Japan, thus becoming SR-SunTour.

Where is SunTour?

We established a factory in Shenzhen, China, in 2001 and an additional factory in Kunshan, China, in 2004. Most recently we built in Binh Duong, Vietnam in 2017.

Who owns SR SunTour?

Are SunTour XCR forks any good?

They are good, for the price point they are designed for. The rebound is pre-set with the majority of SR forks but tends to be spot on if ur not too heavy. They dont last too long if you do a lot of riding tho. They are QR15mm so you will need to ensure you have the correct hub.

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