Are Razer headphones durable?

Are Razer headphones durable?

Their headsets are not terribly durable, and they don’t really exemplify any quality in any particular area given their price tag. Just avoid. Also the multiple-drivers providing “true” 5.1 and 7.1 sound is a gimmick.

How good are Razer Krakens?

There’s a lot to like about the Razer Kraken Ultimate. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and with Synapse it’s got solidly executed—if a bit limited—features. The audio is good, and the mic works reasonably well. The eyewear channels and comfortable headphone pads are great for bespectacled gamers.

Are Razer headphones good quality?

Razer is well-known for making gaming headphones that have good-performing microphones. While pro gamers will like the large customization offered by the companion software, not all headphones are compatible, especially those in the lower price range.

Are Razer Krakens comfortable?

We found the Razer Kraken headset to be extremely comfortable. The headband is covered in mesh fabric and has a decent amount of padding. We like that it feels light on the head and it has more than enough for just about anyone’s ears in its larger ear cups.

Is Razer Kraken durable?

The headset is quite durable. I travel for work, flying around North America and pack mine in my bag without any problems. Just note that the ear cups don’t swivel. I usually pack stuff around and between them to ensure that they don’t get squashed or twisted while in transit.

How long do Kraken headsets last?

Bluetooth 5.0

Kitty Ears and Earcups Powered by Razer Chroma Yes Yes
Frequency Response 20 – 20kHz 20 – 20kHz
Weight 408 g 298 g
Controls In-Line On Earcup
Battery Life N/A Up to 20 Hours w/ Lighting Up to 50 Hours w/o Lighting

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