Are Quechua good tents?

Are Quechua good tents?

Quechua’s 2 Second Fresh & Black Tent is an excellent pop-up tent. It’s highly waterproof, durable, and, most notably, blocks out the sun. If you are camping with family and friends, the Arpenaz 4.1 4-person is one of the most livable tents in its price range.

Are Quechua tents waterproof?

WATERPROOFNESS. All Quechua tents are tested and validated in the field and in laboratory. They need to resist a tropical rain similar to 200L/h during 4 hours. The double-roof has a waterproof coating and waterproofed seams, thanks to heat-sealed bands.

Where is outwell based?


Saint Clement’s, Outwell
Outwell Location within Norfolk
Area 12.21 km2 (4.71 sq mi)
Population 2,083 (2011)

Is it worth getting a tent carpet?

The carpet actually forms an important function as it provides additional insulation from the ground. Unbeknown to most, you can lose a lot of heat through the ground and is why it is particularly important to insulate the floor in your sleeping area in the cooler months.

What is a Quechua 2 second tent?

This Quechua 2 second tent is all about giving you an easy camping experience with its clever design and materials. Let us give you some details why this 2 seconds Quechua is such a great camping tent. It will make your next camping adventure so much easier.

Is the arpenaz Quechua tent better than the 2 seconds?

That is where the Air Seconds and the Arpenaz Quechua tents have an advantage over the 2 Seconds tent – however you can expect higher prices for the larger models. We solved the problem of space by taking an inexpensive separate beach tent to store our bags.

Why a Quechua fresh and black tent?

The tent is very dark inside, that is why it is called Quechua Fresh and Black. When we bought it we did not realise what an advantage this would bring. Early mornings became lie-ins as our little one kept on sleeping!

How long did it take to make the 2seconds tent?

After 6 months of work, the first prototypes are produced and are followed right after by the commercialisation of this revolutionary tent. In order to celebrate the 10 years of a worldwide success , the fans of the 2seconds tent are invited to suggest a tent in their image by customising it.

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