Are Parsis inbred?

Are Parsis inbred?

Parsi men were likely to have intermingled with and married Indian women after they first arrived on the Gujarat coast in the subcontinent from Iran following the emergence of Islam in that area in the 7th century AD. Strict inbreeding is often blamed for the dwindling population of the Parsi community in India.

What if a Parsi boy marries a non Parsi?

More and more Parsis are marrying outside the community. Parsi woman marrying a non-parsi is allowed to enter the fire temple and participate in religious activities. Before December 2017, a Parsi women who marries a non-Parsi man was automatically considered to have converted to the religion of her husband.

Why do Parsis not marry?

Some of the prominent issues that fueled the problems of late marriages. Youngsters living in their forefather’s glory and not taking any initiative, not willing to compromise, break down of traditional family set up, intolerance and girls being more ambitious were some examples.

Are Parsis infertile?

Among several causes of dwindling Parsi population such as late marriage, no marriage, emigration and divorces, infertility is a major factor. “Infertility among Parsis is not a biological phenomenon born out of marriages within the community but a social phenomenon arising out of late marriages,” said Cama.

Can I marry Parsi girl?

Unlike personal laws, which allow only a Hindu to marry another Hindu or a Muslim to marry a Muslim or a Parsi to marry a Parsi, the Special Marriages Act, 1954, allows people of different faiths to marry without giving up their religion.

Why is the Parsi population declining in India?

Between the 2001 and 2011 censuses, their numbers fell from 69,000 to 57,000. A study by demographer Ava Khullar listed several reasons, including low fertility, or the number of children born to every woman; migration; late marriages and exclusion of kids born to women married to non-Parsis, for the decline.

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