Are Monk healers good in Shadowlands?

Are Monk healers good in Shadowlands?

Mistweaver Monks have the potential to be something great. I think our healing rotation is perfectly fine. Mistweavers are a high skill healer that can seriously pump out some heals when played right.

Is Mistweaver good in Shadowlands?

Mistweavers can, therefore, heal both tanks and the raid very well. Based on talent choices, Mistweavers can be either unparalleled tank healers with strong area of effect throughput, or damage dealing mobile raid healers.

How do I heal as a monk in Shadowlands?

Mistweaver Monks heal through a combination of Heal over Time effects and direct healing, using Mana as our primary resource. There are interactions between some of our spells, such as Vivify also healing any target that is affected by our HoT, Renewing Mist, that highlight this.

Are Monk healers good?

Monk is an exceptional class to get started healing with. They have a lot of smart heals (so your heals automatically go to who has low health) so a lot of decision-making is done for you, so you can focus on learning damage patterns and mechanics. Great starter healer, with an interesting toolkit as well.

How do you level Mistweaver?

Rotation/Ability Priority to Level Up as a Mistweaver Monk

  1. Use.
  2. Rising Sun Kick should be pressed on cooldown.
  3. Spinning Crane Kick when there are 4 or more enemies.
  4. Blackout Kick should be pressed on cooldown.
  5. Tiger Palm should be pressed whenever Blackout Kick is unavailable.

What’s the best race for Mistweaver monk?

Best Alliance Races for Mistweaver Monk PvP

  • Human.
  • Night Elf.
  • Dwarf.

What healer is best in Shadowlands?

Mistweaver Monks currently do the most healing out of any healer. Their healing output is exceptionally high, which, combined with their strong damage output, excellent mobility, and decent durability, makes them possibly the most valuable healer to bring to raids in Patch 9.2.

Is Venthyr good for Mistweaver?

Venthyr Exclusive Legendary for Mistweaver Monk Sinister Teachings is the Venthyr exclusive legendary for Mistweaver Monks. It adds an additional clone, that will always be a healing clone to Fallen Order. It also provides cooldown reduction to Fallen Order whenever you critical strike while the clones are active.

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