Are evolution saw blades good?

Are evolution saw blades good?

Evolution Rage Multipurpose TCT Blade Rage blades simply treat wood unfairly compared to a standard wood cutting blade. It cuts crazy fast and crazy smooth. Metal cutting is a little bit different story. The blade certainly cut quickly through the angle iron and steel we gave it to chew on.

What does TCT mean in blades?

Tungsten Carbide Tips
Tungsten Carbide Tips. TCT saw blades are specifically designed for cutting metal tubing, pipes, rails, nickel, zirconium, cobalt and titanium-based metal. All of this is possible thanks to the teeth on the saw blades, and the tungsten carbide tips, or TCT.

Can you use evolution blades on other saws?

Can I use a FURY blade on any other brands of saw? A. Yes, if it is only to cut wood as other brand saws run at a faster RPM and don’t have a strong enough gear box to take the shock load of going through steel and aluminium.

Is Evolution a good saw brand?

Basically, this saw is a superior choice over any type of abrasive cutting. Admittedly, the blade isn’t going to be great for making cuts in wood where the finish has to be super-fine for finishing work. But that, as always, comes down to the choice of blade you’ve fitted.

How long does an evolution blade last?

3-4 weeks
They only last us 3-4 weeks but we are a shop with 11 employees. We use this blade to cut steel tubing up to 2″. Larger sizes can burn up the blade pretty quickly.

Where is evolution tools based?

Davenport, IA
Based in Davenport, IA, Evolution is ideally situated to support the US and Canada. Evolution also has offices and distribution in the UK which provides sales and support for the UK and Europe. As well as our US and UK operations we also have worldwide agents in over 30 countries.

Which is better TCT or HSS?

HSS or High Speed Steel planer blades are sharper, which gives you the smoothest planing result. TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) blades, also called HM (Hard Metal) blades, are less sharp. They give a slightly less smooth result than HSS blades, but the result is still very good.

Can a TCT blade cut plastic?

The high-power motor and high-torque are what make the TCT blade ideal for these kinds of jobs. However, they are also widely used to cut plastics and wood. It is made possible by the stiffness of the teeth on the saw blades, which comes from the tips coated in tungsten carbide.

What is the bore size of a Mitre saw blade?

A standard 30.48 cm blade has a 2.54 cm arbor hole, while most miter saw arbors are only 1.5875 cm.

Where is evolution miter saw made?

The arbor size on the Evolution blade does leave you stuck buying their blades which is a cheep trick on their part. The saw is on par with or just slightly better than Harbor Freight quality. It is British engineered but made in China.

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