Are dogs allowed at killalea Beach?

Are dogs allowed at killalea Beach?

Unfortunately dogs are not permitted at Killalea Reserve however we welcome your four-legged family members to stay at 28 of our parks across NSW.

Who owns Killalea State Park?

The NSW Government on Friday announced the NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust would take over management of Killalea State Park early next year, replacing the local management body.

What to do Killalea Reserve?

Killalea Reserve is a spectacular tract of coastal land that has been dedicated as a public recreation reserve available for surfing, fishing, picnics, bushwalking and camping. Killalea has two favourite surf beaches, Killalea Beach or ‘The Farm’ as known by the locals and Minnamurra Beach as ‘Mystics’.

Who manages Killalea Park?

Crown Land community trust. Crown Land Category 1 manager – Reflections Holiday Parks.

Is the farm beach patrolled?

The popular Killalea Beach known as ‘The Farm’ is famous with surfers throughout the region. It was declared a national surfing reserve in June 2009. The beaches are not patrolled. However, there are beautifully landscaped picnic areas in the park with barbecues and public amenities for the family to enjoy.

How long is warilla Beach?

2 km
Warilla Beach is a popular surfing and swimming beach. The beach is an east-facing 2 km beach extending between Windang Island and the shallow inlet at Barrack Point. Warilla Beach is patrolled for the seven month season. This beach is open to plenty of swell and offers great surfing waves.

Why is Killalea called the farm?

The Frasers lived at Seaview farm near the current kiosk at Killalea State Park. John took Patrick up to meet his parents and after this, the Fraser family renamed their farm Killalea in honour of the Killalea family who had farmed the land before them.

How was killalea created?

Born in 1816, Killalea was charged with manslaughter after a brawl and sent to Australia as a convict in 1836. After time spent felling forests in the Illawarra in the 1830s and 40s, he was given a Conditional Pardon and began working his farm lease on the land now known as Killalea.

What LGA is killalea in?

Shellharbour City is located in the Illawarra region in the picturesque South Coast of NSW. The area is bordered by the Tasman Sea, Illawarra Escarpment, Lake Illawarra and Killalea State Park….Your Local Economy.

Your Local Economy Result Group Avg.
Active Businesses in LGA (No.) 3,442 8,189

How long is killalea Beach?

Stretching over 5 kilometers, it offers awesome views of the beaches, wildlife and nature.

What is the postcode for warilla?

2528Warilla / Postal code

Where is Killalea State Park?

Killalea State Park, Killalea Drive, Shell Cove. Enter through Killalea State Park entrance gate. Drive 150 metres and park opposite Illawarra EEC building. Pick up from same location on opposite side of road.

What is the cancellation policy for Killalea State Park tours?

If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. See all 1 Killalea State Park tours on Tripadvisor What hotels are near Killalea State Park?

Are Dogs Allowed at Killalea reserve?

Unfortunately dogs are not permitted at Killalea Reserve however we welcome your four-legged family members to stay at 28 of our parks across NSW. For the full list of parks please click here.

Why go camping at reflections Killalea?

Do a little, or a lot. Either way, you’ll be glad you went camping at Killalea; a special place to experience the many charms of nature and to reconnect with the people that matter most. *Unfortunately our park is not dog-friendly. For a full list of parks head here. Bushwalking trails at Reflections Killalea Reserve.

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