Are curved shower rods better?

Are curved shower rods better?

A curved shower rod will allow you to enjoy up to 33% more room than using a straight rod. This is because of the outward bulging design that makes it curve in more space from the bathroom into the shower area. You can always enjoy free movements inside the shower without worrying about staining the linen with foam.

Do curved shower rods sag?

Whereas curved rods, even if they are the slightest bit mis-installed — which is often — will tend to “sag” and in so doing, will cause the curtain to bunch up toward the middle of the rod, creating a large gap between the curtain and wall: which can cause a big leaky mess.

Do curved shower rods work in shower stalls?

Curved rods are usually installed closer to the back wall of the shower than a straight rod. The rod must be back far enough so that the curtain is able to be tucked behind the lip of your shower stall.

Do you need a special shower curtain for curved rods?

And despite what some people say, you do not need to buy a special shower curtain for a curved shower rod. Just like with traditional straight rods, you will need an extra long shower curtain if you install the curved shower rod high on the shower walls and close to the ceiling.

Where should you place a curved shower curtain rod?

The midpoint of the rod should extend several inches past the outside rim of the tub. Depending upon tub model, mount rod between 6″ and 8″ from center line of the tub. The middle portion of the rod should curve just outside the contour of the tub.

How far out should a curved shower rod be?

Should shower curtain be higher than shower head?

The rule of thumb is to put the shower curtain rod three to five inches higher than the shower curtain’s length. At the least, you want the curtain to hang at least six inches past the rim of the tub.

How far should a shower curtain be from the floor?

around 75 to 77 inches
The curtain rod should be installed around 75 to 77 inches from the floor, since a standard shower curtain is 72 inches long. The shower curtain can’t touch the floor.

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