How do I impress a college interview?

How do I impress a college interview? 10 ways to nail your college interview Dress to impress. People say first impressions are everything. Be prepared. Ask specific questions that cannot be answered from the school’s website. Be ready to “tell me a little about yourself” Don’t ramble. Don’t let your parents do the talking. Prioritize […]

Which mantra is powerful for job?

Which mantra is powerful for job? Do Namaskar and pray Sun god for a successful career. 11) Astrology Remedies: Two most powerful mantras that can help build successful career are Gayatri mantra and Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra. Therefore chant these mantras 31 times each every day and win the blessings of Mother Gayatri and Lord Shiva. […]

What does comma symbolize?

What does comma symbolize? The comma is used in many contexts and languages, mainly for separating things. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word comma comes directly from the Greek komma, which means something cut off or a short clause. A comma can also be used as a diacritic when combined with other characters. […]

Who is the advocate of equality?

Who is the advocate of equality? The Advocate of the Principle of Equality is an independent state authority that provides independent assistance and support to persons subjected to discrimination when enforcing their rights regarding protection against discrimination in administrative and judicial proceedings. Who was an advocate of women’s rights? Elizabeth Cady Stanton How can I […]

What to post and what not to post on social media?

What to post and what not to post on social media? 10 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media Profanity. The language you use on social media is usually the same type of language you’ll use when casually interacting with coworkers. Abusive Content. “Adult” Content. Illegal Content. Offensive Content. Negative opinions about your job […]

Can the Dust Bowl kill you?

Can the Dust Bowl kill you? The swirling dust proved deadly. Dust pneumonia, called the “brown plague,” killed hundreds and was particularly lethal for infants, children and the elderly. Many, but not all, of the Dust Bowl refugees hailed from Oklahoma. How many people died in the Dust Bowl? 7,000 people Why was the Dust […]

What do you say at the end of a class?

What do you say at the end of a class? “I want to finish each lesson by standing up and saying goodbye to the class and the teacher, so…” “Your English has really improved this week/ term/ year, so make sure you don’t forget it!” “Goodbye, everyone.” “See you next Wednesday.” Can I say good […]

What happened to Scihub?

What happened to Scihub? Sci-Hub has cycled through domain names, some of which have been blocked by domain registry operators. On 8 January 2021, Twitter suspended Sci-Hub’s account citing “counterfeit content”. How can I read premium medium articles for free? But there are few other ways with which you can read more articles for free. […]

Is it possible to control the mind?

Is it possible to control the mind? We are aware of a tiny fraction of the thinking that goes on in our minds, and we can control only a tiny part of our conscious thoughts. The vast majority of our thinking efforts goes on subconsciously. Only one or two of these thoughts are likely to […]

What is self edit?

What is self edit? We can usually see other people’s written mistakes without a problem, but it’s a different story when we edit our own work. Self-editing is the process that every writer goes through after they complete a draft of their written work. How can I learn copywriting fast? The quickest way to learn […]

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