Will there be an X-Men Gambit movie?

Will there be an X-Men Gambit movie?

In a new interview in Variety, Channing Tatum reveals that his hopes of starring as X-Men member Gambit in a planned future movie was scrapped after the Disney/Fox merger — and he’s so hurt that he’s boycotted Marvel’s Avengers movies ever since.

Which Wolverine movie was Gambit in?

Taylor Kitsch portrays Remy LeBeau / Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), directed by Gavin Hood. In the story, Remy is a former prisoner of William Stryker for 2 years, who was dubbed “Gambit” by his guards as he kept beating them in poker.

Why was Gambit not in the X-Men movies?

They decided to save Gambit for a larger role in a future film. Before that decision was made, Josh Holloway had been looked at for the part but was unavailable due to the filming schedule of his series Lost.

What episode is Gambit in X-Men Evolution?

Season 3. A thief from Cajun country, Gambit was unveiled as one of Magneto’s Acolytes, and seemed to take particular interest in Rogue from the moment they met.

Why was Gambit movie Cancelled?

Back in 2014, the solo spinoff for Gambit starring Tatum was announced; however, the film suffered multiple release date changes that ultimately led to its unfortunate cancellation.

Is the Gambit movie still happening?

Why the Movie Ultimately Didn’t Happen Since this film was released in 2015, the timeframe for its underperformance severely affected the production of Gambit, and huge slashes were made to the budget which resulted in an unorganized script and general production issues.

Do Rogue and Gambit get together?

They Have Kids In X-Men: The End In this timeline, Rogue and Gambit were married and they had two children of their own in Oli and Becka. Things didn’t end well here, as they rarely do in these books, because Rogue ended up dying and Gambit had to raise his teens as a single father.

What accent does Rogue have?

Southern accent
Rogue occasionally referred to everyone including even her enemies as “hon” and “sugar” and spoke in a sassy Southern accent. She was a bit of a flirt and flirted with any man she found to be attractive such as Cyclops, Colossus, Archangel, and Spider-Man during the her time as a hero.

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