Why you should not use Lombok?

Why you should not use Lombok?

The downside is it clutters your source with boilerplate code that take the focus off the important stuff. After 5 months, we’re still using Lombok, but I have some other annoyances. The lack of a declared getter & setter can get annoying at times when you are trying to familiarize yourself with new code.

Is Lombok worth using Java?

Lombok is an awesome Java library. It helps to reduce the amount of ‘infrastructural code’. You don’t need to write constructors, getters, setters, and even builders anymore. All you have to do is to put the proper annotations and the plugin will generate everything for you.

What is Lombok Java used for?

Project Lombok is a java library tool that is used to minimize/remove the boilerplate code and save the precious time of developers during development by just using some annotations. In addition to it, it also increases the readability of the source code and saves space.

Is Lombok a good practice?

Lombok is a very popular library in the Java world that aims to help you write less repetitive code. Many people who are opposed to the use of this tool say that if you use a good text editor, you can take advantage of autocompletes and then you won’t need Lombok.

Is Lombok a hack?

So Lombok is a huge hack that will only compile using javac or eclipse’s compiler. It’s a great piece of software, but it’s also hated by many for being such a non-standard hack.

Is Lombok free for commercial use?

Lombok is open source. We offer three licenses for using lombok. The standard license is free. Here you can order a professional or enterprise license.

Does Lombok work with Java 11?

Latest version of Lombok and/or IntelliJ plugin perfectly supports Java 11.

Is Lombok open source?

What is the advantage of Lombok?

Lombok saves you time (and money) This not only saves you time, but theoretically money as well (time is money you know 😉 ). Think about all the paid time your team spends writing getters and setters, renaming them when renaming a variable, etc.

Is Lombok secure?

Security Vulnerabilities. Lombok is a build-time only dependency; there is no need for lombok. jar to be available when your application is run, it just needs to be there when you compile your code. Therefore, lombok is highly unlikely to be a source of security vulnerabilities.

Is Lombok good Reddit?

So do you recommend using lombok? Yes, I lombokified a huge project I maintain and it had many benefits. It reduced the size of the codebase from about 35,000 lines to about 28,000 lines. It detected and eliminated many bugs related to hastily/poorly written equals and hashcode methods.

Does Lombok use Log4j?

Annotation Type Log4j Causes lombok to generate a logger field. Complete documentation is found at the project lombok features page for lombok log annotations. This annotation is valid for classes and enumerations.

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