Why is the Temple Bar so famous?

Why is the Temple Bar so famous?

One of the most famous pubs in Dublin is the Temple Bar (established in 1840), famous for its location but also because it offers over 450 different kinds of rare whiskies (Ireland’s largest collection). You can’t miss this red building, it looks typically Irish and it is always buzzing.

Is Temple Bar a tourist trap?

Tourist Trap: Temple Bar This neighborhood is home to a number of pubs (the Oliver St John Gogarty, the Quays Bar) that few Dubliners ever set foot in. The reasons are simple: pints here are overpriced compared to other areas of the city, and the pubs are typically full of tourists and rowdy bachelor parties.

Is Temple Bar worth visiting?

Temple Bar is not short of souvenir shops and to be honest, a visit to one of those no matter how tacky they can be is always a bit of fun. Beyond that, Temple Bar is home to some unique and independent stores worth your time and money.

What is the oldest bar in Ireland?

Sean’s Bar
Even more amazing, Sean’s Bar was officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as Ireland’s Oldest Pub. Find out more about why Sean’s is not only the oldest, but one of the best-loved pubs in world.

Is Temple Bar dodgy?

In the National Crime Council’s report on Public Order Offences in Ireland, Temple Bar was 5th from the top of the Bad Places To Be league table, with 321 offences. It is not a good record, and certainly doesn’t seem to accord with anyone’s notion of a “cultural quarter”.

Is the Temple Bar overrated?

In a list of the 10 most disappointing destinations in the world, Temple Bar is described as “a prime example of the rampant fleecing of drunken tourists.” The supposedly “authentic” bars are little more than “overpriced tourist traps” that cater to visitors “competing to see how drunk they can get”, it adds.

Who owns the Clarence?

The EdgePaddy McKillenDerek Quinlan
The Clarence Hotel/Owners

How much is a pint of Guinness in Temple Bar Dublin?

Set in the iconic area of Temple Bar this aptly named pub is well worth a visit, but a tourist trap by all means with pints for €6.90. Similar to the former, this pub targets tourists and slaps on the over-inflated price for a pint of the “black stuff” of €6.80.

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