Why Bahria Town Karachi?

Why Bahria Town Karachi?

Bahria Town makes a mark in the landscape of Karachi with its world-class master planned community, “Bahria Town Karachi” This community is designed with a neighborhood concept to provide outstanding lifestyle facilities to its residents and will introduce new benchmarks of community development in Karachi.

Why Bahria Town Karachi is the biggest manifold market?

Bahria Town Karachi is the biggest manifold market based on multiple precincts & this is how; Bahria Town Karachi rates keep constantly upgrading as per the latest guideline of property. Bahria Town Karachi prices are also essential to understand by anyone.

Why precinct-10a is the best precinct of Bahria homes in Karachi?

Precinct-10A is the second most demanding precinct of Bahria Homes in Bahria Town Karachi, because of many major lifestyle facilities like Shopping Gallery (Operational), Parks, Masjid (Operational). Precinct-10A is a fully occupied precinct where residents are enjoying their luxury lifestyle Featuring 125 sq. Yards residential plots.

Where is precinct 38 in Karachi?

Precinct-38 is a Precinct located right next to Bahria Town Karachi’s most attractive landmark (Bahria Eiffel Tower). Precinct-38 is in the development stage and it main requires a few months to be completely developed. Precinct-38 is directly connecting Bahria Greens Karachi (Pakistan’s First Low-Cost Scheme) to Main Jinnah Avenue.

Bahria Town Karachi defines a brighter future and undoubtedly ‘a city within a city’. Bahria Town Karachi is now a living community, with many families residing and enjoying a world-class lifestyle! “Rome wasn’t built in a day” can only be believed by someone who hasn’t witnessed the development speed of Bahria Town Karachi project.

Why choose Viva Bahriya?

Architecturally themed to echo the very best of the Maghreb – with Moroccan-styled town homes and apartments exuding Moorish elegance – complete with its own stretch of pristine white sand gently lapped by a warm, inviting sea, Viva Bahriya is perfect for families and those seeking a more relaxed locale.

Who is the man behind Bahria Town?

Riaz, the man behind Bahria Town, is Pakistan’s most renowned business tycoon, said to have connections in the Pakistani establishment and political arena. “A single person, on the basis of money and power, has bought all the institutions in the country from which you would expect justice.

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