Who wrote DX theme song?

Who wrote DX theme song?

Chris Warren (musician)

Chris Warren
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1997–2016
Associated acts The DX Band Bro-Kin White Lace Mutilation Meth

What is the WWE NXT theme song?

The new opening theme song is “Say Cheese” by NXT Loud artist Poppy. The song replaces “All Out Life” from Slipknot, which was popular with fans. Poppy has worked with NXT several times in the past, and actually performed “Say Cheese” during “Takeover: Stand and Deliver” Night Two.

What happened to ready for the world?

They disbanded in the early 90’s and are now ready to take the music world on again. They have a new single and are scheduled to tour in 2019 with another R&B Legend.

What is NXT 2.0 theme song?


Search Search in Spotify Name Song Theme Used Since
Name Song Theme Used Since
NXT 2.0 Down South by WALE ft. Maxo Kream & Yella Beezy September 2021
NXT Level Up Unnamed Song February 2022
Amari Miller All My Ladies by def rebel September 2021

Is AEW part of WWE?

All Elite Wrestling, commonly shortened to AEW, is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Jacksonville, Florida. It is considered the second largest wrestling promotion in the United States behind WWE….All Elite Wrestling.

Trade name All Elite Wrestling
Area served Worldwide

Who sang John Cena’s theme song?

John CenaJohn Cena Theme / Artist

Who is the lead singer of ready for the world?

Melvin Riley Jr.
Artist Biography Melvin Riley Jr. sang lead on hits by Ready for the World (“Oh Sheila,” “Love You Down”) and had his own solo sides as well as writing and producing a Top Ten R&B hit for 4 By Four (“Come Over,” number ten R&B, summer 1987).

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