Who won the election of 1899?

Who won the election of 1899?

The 1900 United States presidential election was the 29th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 6, 1900. In a re-match of the 1896 race, incumbent Republican President William McKinley defeated his Democratic challenger, William Jennings Bryan.

When did France get a President?

President of France

President of the French Republic
Constituting instrument Fifth Republic Constitution
Inaugural holder Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte
Formation 1848 (Second Republic) 4 October 1958 (Fifth Republic)
Salary €182,000 per annum

Who was King of France in 1892?

Louis XVIII, King of France.

Was McKinley a popular president?

McKinley died eight days later and was succeeded by Vice President Theodore Roosevelt. As an innovator of American interventionism and pro-business sentiment, McKinley is generally ranked above average. His popularity was soon overshadowed by Roosevelt’s.

How did William McKinley win?

McKinley won with 7.1 million votes to Bryan’s 6.5 million, 51% to 47%. The electoral vote was not as close: 271 for McKinley to 176 for Bryan. McKinley increased the Republican vote by 2,000,000 from Harrison’s defeat in 1892, though Bryan also increased the Democratic total.

Who runs against Emmanuel Macron?

The 2017 French presidential election was held on 23 April and 7 May 2017. As no candidate won a majority in the first round, a runoff was held between the top two candidates, Emmanuel Macron of En Marche! (EM) and Marine Le Pen of the National Front (FN), which Macron won by a decisive margin.

Who ruled France in 1940?

Vichy France, formally French State, French État Français, (July 1940–September 1944), France under the regime of Marshal Philippe Pétain from the Nazi German defeat of France to the Allied liberation in World War II.

Who was France’s first President and last emperor?

Napoleon III
Napoleon III (Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte; 20 April 1808 – 9 January 1873) was the first President of France (as Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte) from 1848 to 1852 and the Emperor of the French from 1852 to 1870. A nephew of Napoleon I, he was the last monarch to rule over France.

Who ruled France in 1905?

Georges Clemenceau, byname The Tiger, French Le Tigre, (born September 28, 1841, Mouilleron-en-Pareds, France—died November 24, 1929, Paris), statesman and journalist who was a dominant figure in the French Third Republic and, as premier (1917–20), a major contributor to the Allied victory in World War I and a framer …

Was McKinley assassinated?

September 14, 1901, Buffalo, NYWilliam McKinley / Assassinated

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