Who won the Austin Marathon?

Who won the Austin Marathon?

Runners from 32 countries and every state were represented in the marathon field. Kenyan Sammy Rotich crossed the finish line first with a time of 2:14:24, winning the first Austin Marathon since 2020.

How hard is the Austin Marathon?

Definitely a hard race. Lots of hills in the first half that make the second half really difficult. Tons of crowd support for the first half but once the half marathon splits off it gets pretty quiet.

How many people ran the Austin Marathon in 2019?

16,000 participants
More than 16,000 participants registered for the Austin Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K. They traveled to Austin from all 50 states and 36 countries. Tens of thousands of spectators lined the Austin streets cheering on runners, waving hilarious signs, and providing endless energy.

How many people run the Austin half marathon?

The race weekend also features a half marathon and a 5K run with a two-day expo taking place on Friday and Saturday….

Austin Marathon
Distance Marathon, half marathon, 5K
Established 1992
Official site www.youraustinmarathon.com
Participants 2,766 finishers (marathon) (2022)

Is Austin marathon flat?

This flat, fast and even couple of miles take runners along the riverbanks along Cesar Chavez Street and Stephen F. Austin Drive, and through the city’s Town Lake Metropolitan Park.

How hilly is the Austin Marathon?

The finishing elevation for the race is just over 500 feet above sea level, for a climb of nearly 200 feet in elevation over the course of the race for those running in the half marathon.

What marathon is most prestigious?

Boston. First run in 1897, this is the oldest annual marathon in the world and arguably the most prestigious.

Is the Austin half marathon Hilly?

It is an exceptionally hilly course with several long, difficult climbs as well as a few steep downhills. Make no mistake about it, the Austin course will provide a true test, whether you are running the full Monty or the half which has an even tougher course than the marathon.

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