Who was Sharon Gaskell in Coronation Street?

Who was Sharon Gaskell in Coronation Street?

Tracie Bennett

Sharon Gaskell
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Tracie Bennett
Duration 1982–1984, 1999, 2021
First appearance Episode 2176 1 March 1982

Why did Rita give Sharon the cabin?

In an attempt to keep Sharon in Weatherfield, Rita gave her The Kabin and took a job as Sharon’s assistant.

Who is Rita’s foster daughter Sharon?

actress Tracie Bennett
For the first time in 22 years, West End and Broadway actress Tracie Bennett is returning to the cobbles as Sharon, the foster daughter of Rita, played by the peerless Barbara Knox.

Who did Sharon Bentley marry in Coronation Street?

Almost two decades later, she returned to the Cobbles to invite her foster mother to her wedding. Her husband-to-be, Ian Bentley (Jonathan Guy Lewis), had cheated on her and she left him at the altar, continuing with her job at The Kabin.

Is Rita leaving Corrie?

There has been no indication that Barbara’s legendary character Rita will be leaving Coronation Street anytime soon, however due to the pandemic, older actors are currently not allowed on set. Corrie resumed filming on 9th June after production was halted during lockdown at the end of March.

What happened to Judy Mallett in Coronation Street?

Less than a year after becoming a mother, Judy was involved in a minor car accident, causing an undetected blood clot in her leg. A few days later, she died suddenly when hanging out washing at No. 9, with Gary elsewhere, attending Ashley and Maxine Peacock’s wedding.

How is Sharon related to Rita?

Sharon Bentley (née Gaskell) is the former foster child of Rita and Len Fairclough.

Did Rita buy the Kabin back from Sharon?

As she wanted to buy a house with Ian in Bolton, Sharon selfishly put The Kabin up for sale – leaving Rita disgusted that she cared so little for the business that had been handed to her. Rita bought The Kabin back from Sharon, who left under a cloud and was well aware that she wouldn’t be welcome again.

Who is the new girl on Coronation Street?

actress Rebecca Ryan
Lydia is played by actress Rebecca Ryan who you might recognise from a string of other TV programmes. The Manchester-born actress is 30-years-old and is the sister of Jack James Ryan who played Jacob Hay earlier this year.

Who plays ritas foster daughter in Corrie?

It’s always exciting when an old soap favourite makes a comeback – but especially when it’s an actress as successful as Tracie Bennett. The 59-year-old Mancunian made her Coronation Street debut as Sharon Bentley – Rita Tanner’s foster daughter – in 1982.

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