Who was Darth Malgus apprentice?

Who was Darth Malgus apprentice?

Darth Vindican
Darth Vindican was a male Pureblood Sith Lord who served the Sith Empire in the early days of the Great Galactic War. Having been trained in the dark side of the Force by the conservative Darth Ikoral, Vindican advanced to the rank of Sith Master and took an apprentice of his own—the young Human Malgus.

Are Valkorion and Vitiate the same?

Behind the scenes “Valkorion” first appeared in “Sacrifice,” a cinematic trailer for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion of the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic In both the trailer and the game, Valkorion is made out to be simply a name adopted by Vitiate, the former Sith Emperor.

Is Darth vitiate the most powerful Sith?

Vitiate was second to none in terms of sheer power, if that had not already been clear. At an extremely young age, he was able to snap his step-father’s neck with just a thought and used the Force to torture his mother for months.

Why does Darth Malgus wear a mask?

Following the battle on Alderaan, Malgus was nursed back to health by Daru, but jaw wounds he received during the battle forced him to don a respirator mask that covered his nose, mouth, and neck.

Is Vitiate still alive?

Eventually, they followed the Emperor to the Dark Temple and defeated the Emperor, destroying his body. Later, however, an Emperor’s Hand member confirmed the Emperor was still alive….Vitiate.

Biographical information
Birth 1460 BTC 5113 BBY
Death 3630 BBY (final death)
Status Deceased

Is Vitiate stronger than Palpatine?

Vitiate is not more powerful than Sidious, not a chance. Sidious is faster than Vitiate’s eye. Of course he wins a saber duel, Vitiate could barely hold a saber properly as of the Revan novel.

Is Darth Plagueis Anakin’s dad?

25 has provided us with the answer. Anakin’s father is The Emperor. Palpatine manipulated the Midi-chlorians inside of Shmi’s womb to create Anakin. Check out the moment just below.

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