Who voices Spike in Secret of the Wings?

Who voices Spike in Secret of the Wings?

Debby RyanSpike / Voiced byDeborah Ann Popp, known professionally as Debby Ryan, is an American actress and singer. Ryan started acting in professional theatres at the age of seven, and was later discovered in a nationwide search by Disney Channel. Wikipedia

What kind of fairy is Spike?

frost-talent fairy
As said above, Spike is a frost-talent fairy. She resides in the Winter Woods portion of Never Land, along with the other members of her talent. Like most other frost-talent fairies and sparrow men, Spike is aware of the dangers of crossing the border from the Winter Woods to the warm portion of Pixie Hollow.

Who is Tinker Bell’s sister?

Guests Can Now Meet Tinker Bell’s Sister, Periwinkle, at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom Parks. Tinker Bell’s newly discovered sister, Periwinkle, is the newest fairy friend to meet guests at Disney Parks.

What does the NeverBeast do?

Each time the green comet passes, it awakens the NeverBeast. Once it comes out of hibernation, it builds four rock towers, one in each season of Pixie Hollow. Green clouds will fill the sky, and the NeverBeast will transform, causing a lightning storm so powerful that it consumes all of Pixie Hollow.

Who voices Spike in Tinkerbell?

Debby RyanSpike / Voiced by

What fairy does Debby Ryan?

Spike is one of the only frost fairies who has another hair color other than white. Spike’s voice actress, Debby Ryan, also portrays Jessie from the Disney Channel series, Jessie. She’s of Ukrainian descent.

What does Periwinkle The fairy do?

Periwinkle is a Frost Fairy who lives in the Winter Woods. She learns that Tinker Bell is her sister when their wings both glow. She is curious and loves to go on adventures.

What is the name of Tinker Bell’s twin?

Lucy Hale as Periwinkle, a frost fairy and Tinker Bell’s twin sister.

What animal is gruff from Tinker Bell?

Gruff’s vocal grunts and growls are a combination of sounds from a cat, dog, llama, hyena, and a camel. According to Fawn, Gruff appears to be a hybrid of Didelphis marsupialis and Bison occidentalis. These are the scientific nomenclatures for the common opossum and an extinct species of bison.

Who is Nyx in Tinker Bell?

Nyx is the incredibly loyal and devoted leader of the scout fairies who appears as the main antagonist of the Disney Fairies film Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, voiced by Rosario Dawson.

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