Who sings back up on Take Me Home Tonight?

Who sings back up on Take Me Home Tonight?

Ronnie Spector
In 1986, Ronnie Spector enjoyed a resurgence of popular radio airplay as the featured vocalist on Eddie Money’s Top 5 hit, “Take Me Home Tonight”, in which she answers Money’s chorus lyric, “just like Ronnie sang”, with, “be my little baby”.

Who is the female singer in Take Me Home Tonight?

Following the death of Eddie Money, Ronnie Spector – the Ronettes legend whose career was revitalized in the Eighties thanks to her appearance on Money’s 1986 hit “Take Me Home Tonight” – paid tribute to the singer.

Is Ronnie Spector in Eddie Money video?

The black and white video opens with Eddie Money singing on stage at an empty arena. Video clips of Ronnie Spector are featured before she joins him in song.

What movie is the song Take Me Home Tonight from?

MacGruberTake Me Home Tonight / Movie

Did Cyndi Lauper sing with Eddie Money?

Eddie came back for one encore (“Take Me Home Tonight”) and during the chorus a woman says “Be My Little Baby” – Cyndi Lauper had come out on stage for the encore with Eddie Money and did that part of the chorus much to the delight of the crowd. Eddie rocked for about an hour and the crowd was very happy with his set.

Who is Ronnie Spector married to now?

Jonathan Greenfieldm. 1982
Phil Spectorm. 1968–1974
Ronnie Spector/Spouse

Who is Eddie Money referring to when he says just like Ronnie sang?

Money wanted Spector (“the real thing”) on the song, so he called her to ask, telling her, “This is a tribute to you. The song is all about you.” According to Spector, she got on board as soon as she heard the lyric, “Listen honey, just like Ronnie sang… be my little baby.”

What nationality is Ronnie Spector?

AmericanRonnie Spector / Nationality
Born Veronica Greenfield in New York’s Spanish Harlem on August 10, 1943, Spector was the daughter of an African-American and Cherokee mother and Irish-American father.

Who was Ronnie Spector married to?

Who sang Eddie Money Be my little baby?

Eddie MoneyTake Me Home Tonight / Artist

Who played guitar on Take Me Home Tonight?

Richie Zito
‘Take Me Home Tonight’ – Eddie Money

Players: Eddie Money — vocals Richie Zito — guitar, keyboards Randy Jackson — bass Richard Page — guitar, vocals Pat Mastelotto — drums Ronnie Spector — vocals
Album: Can’t Hold Back (Columbia, 1986)

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