Who presented Blue Peter in the 80s?

Who presented Blue Peter in the 80s?

Sarah Greene. Sarah became Blue Peter’s 11th presenter in 1980.

Who were the original Blue Peter presenters?

Christopher Trace and Leila Williams – 1958 Christopher and Leila were the first-ever presenters on the series and they started in October 1958. Christopher spent almost nine years on the show and left in July 1967.

Who presented Blue Peter in 1985?

Michael Sundin
Michael Sundin (1 March 1961 – 23 July 1989) was an English television presenter, actor, dancer and trampolinist. He was a presenter of the BBC children’s programme Blue Peter for 77 episodes between 1984 and 1985.

Who presented Blue Peter in the 1970s?

Valerie Singleton After leaving Blue Peter Val presented Nationwide (1972-1976), BBC’s The Money Programme and PM on BBC Radio 4. Val continued to be Blue Peter’s roving reporter. She appeared in the studio and in Blue Peter Special Assignments until 1981.

Who was the first female presenter of Blue Peter?

Leila Williams
Valerie Singleton (1962-72): 9 years, 304 days Though Leila Williams was Blue Peter’s first female presenter, Valerie Singleton remains perhaps the most famous.

Is Valerie Singleton still alive?

Valerie Singleton OBE (born 9 April 1937, Hitchin, Hertfordshire) is an English television and radio presenter best known as a regular presenter of the popular children’s series Blue Peter from 1962 to 1972….Valerie Singleton.

Valerie Singleton OBE
Occupation Television and radio presenter
Years active 1959-present

Who joined Blue Peter as a presenter in 2013?

The show began on 24 June as Blue Peter – You Decide! The judges were Myleene Klass, Eamonn Holmes and Cel Spellman. The winner was chosen after five weeks of competition, via a public vote. On 25 July 2013, it was announced that 22-year-old Lindsey Russell had won the public vote to become Blue Peter’s 36th presenter.

Who presented Blue Peter the longest?

Blue Peter’s 10 longest-serving presenters

  • John Noakes (1965-78): 12 years, 178 days.
  • Peter Purves (1967-78): 10 years, 127 days.
  • Konnie Huq (1997-2008): 10 years, 52 days.
  • Valerie Singleton (1962-72): 9 years, 304 days.
  • Christopher Trace (1958-67): 8 years, 281 days.
  • Simon Groom (1978-86): 8 years, 39 days.

What was Blue Peter famous for?

Blue Peter is a British children’s television magazine programme created by John Hunter Blair. It is the longest-running children’s TV show in the world, having been broadcast since October 1958.

Who made Blue Peter?

John Hunter Blair
Blue Peter, the longest running children’s programme in the world – and quite possibly the best loved – began on 16 October 1958. It was created by John Hunter Blair and first presented by Leila Williams and Christopher Trace. The programme was 15 minutes long and scheduled to run for only 6 weeks.

Who was sacked from Blue Peter?

Richard Bacon
The Blue Peter presenter, who was axed in 1998 following the exposure of his cocaine use, has created a documentary about ‘cancel culture’ Richard Bacon, who was sacked from Blue Peter in 1998 after being exposed for his use of cocaine, has created a Channel 4 documentary about “cancel culture”.

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