Who owns Guinness housing?

Who owns Guinness housing?

the Guinness Partnership
Guinness Homes is part of the Guinness Partnership who owns and manages over 66,000 homes across England providing services for over 140,000 customers and care services for 10,000 people.

Is shared house ownership a good idea?

says the advantages of shared ownership is that “it can enable you to get on to the property ladder more quickly than you might if you wanted to buy a home outright; it may be cheaper than renting; and you can sell a shared ownership property at any time and will benefit from any increase in value it’s seen since you …

Is Guinness Partnership a housing association?

As a Strategic Partner of both Homes England and the Greater London Authority, we have grant funding that will enable many of these homes to be affordable homes. We also build homes for sale, both outright and as Shared Ownership.

How many properties do the Guinness Partnership have?

We have 60,000 homes across England. If you’re looking to take your first steps onto the property ladder or for a home to retire to, we’re confident we have the home for you.

What do the Guinness Partnership do?

The Guinness Partnership is a customer-focused, national organisation, providing housing and care services across England. We were established in 1890 to make a positive difference to people’s lives, and today we own and manage around 65,000 homes, providing services to more than 140,000 customers.

Is shared ownership worth it 2020?

With shared ownership schemes, the deposit you pay will be far lower than if you were to get a mortgage for the whole property. If you don’t have many funds to start out with, Shared Ownership could help you avoid living in a ‘not so nice’ part of town or waiting around to scrape a deposit together.

What does the Guinness Partnership do?

How do I contact Guinness?

Questions about the beer, the company or the website? Tell us your great ideas, what’s bugging you, or what you love about Guinness®. Send an email to [email protected]. We will only use your data in accordance with our privacy policy.

What’s the alcohol percentage in Guinness?

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Can you be kicked out of Shared Ownership?

You can not be evicted from a shared ownership scheme property that you partially own in the same way a landlord can evict a tenant. However, the housing association may be able to get a possession order through the courts to compel you to sell your share of the property if you can’t pay your rent.


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