Who owns bedrock manufacturing?

Who owns bedrock manufacturing?

Tom Kartsotis
Tom Kartsotis is the founder of multi-billion-dollar watch company Fossil Group, the founder of brand management firm Bedrock Manufacturing Co and the founder of American luxury lifestyle brand Shinola, which specialises in watches, bicycles and leather goods.

What is bedrock manufacturing?

Founded in 2005, Bedrock Manufacturing Co. is a Texas-based private equity firm backed by Tom Kartsotis, founder of accessory firm Fossil Inc. Bedrock brands include Shinola and Filson. Detroit-based Shinola makes luxury watches sold through its international retail locations and wholesale.

Is Shinola black owned?

Founded in 2011, Shinola takes its name from a common saying that harkens back to the defunct Shinola shoe polish company. The company was founded by Tom Kartsotis and is owned and operated by Texas-based investment group Bedrock Group LP….Shinola (retail company)

Type Private
Website shinola.com

Who owns Shinola and Filson?

Bedrock Manufacturing Company
Texas-based investment firm Bedrock Manufacturing Company (BMC), which owns the US heritage fashion brands Filson and Shinola, has named Awenate Cobbina as its new CEO, effective January 1, 2022.

Who is Filson owned by?

Bedrock Manufacturing
In 2012, Filson was acquired by Bedrock Manufacturing, a Texas-based development group that buys and manages iconic American brands, including the newly resuscitated Shinola, a long-dead brand that went from making shoeshine during World War I to manufacturing watches and bikes in Detroit under Bedrock’s management.

Who is the CEO of Shinola?

Courtesy of Bedrock Manufacturing Co. Bedrock Manufacturing Co. (BMC), parent company of Shinola in Detroit, announced Awenate Cobbina has been named its new CEO effective Jan.

Is Shinola really made in Detroit?

The FTC said that Shinola did not meet the standard to add this mark to its products, citing the fact that Shinola’s watches aren’t manufactured in Detroit. They are assembled here in the States…but from parts made overseas by the company’s partner, Swiss-based watch manufacturer Ronda AG.

Who is Fossil owned by?

Kosta Kartsotis
Kosta Kartsotis, brother of Tom Kartsotis and CEO, owns approximately 12.5% of Fossil stock. The company name is the nickname the brothers gave their father….Fossil Group.

Type Public
Key people Kosta Kartsotis (Chairman & CEO)
Products Watches, Wallets, Jewelry, Perfume, Leather products
Revenue US$2.21 billion (2019)

Where is the Filson factory?

Seattle, Washington
C.C. Filson is an American privately owned outfitter and manufacturer of goods for outdoor enthusiasts. The company, based in Seattle, Washington, designs, manufactures, distributes and sells men’s and women’s outdoor clothing, accessories and luggage.

Did Filson get sold?

Outdoor clothing retail Filson—which has a storied history in Seattle—has seen its headquarters and flagship store traded to a new owner. In a transaction that closed on January 21st, the SoDo property was sold for $21 million by a private investment group.

Are Shinola watches made in China?

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