Who makes Kalmar Ottawa Trucks?

Who makes Kalmar Ottawa Trucks?

Ottawa Trucks, now formally referred to as Kalmar Ottawa, is a United States company which is the largest manufacturer of terminal tractors in North America, with over 55,000 produced….Ottawa Trucks.

Industry Terminal tractors
Website kalmarottawa.com

Who makes Kalmar Ottawa?

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has achieved yet another significant milestone for its Ottawa terminal tractors with the completion of its 75,000th unit.

Who owns Ottawa Yard Trucks?

the CargotecCorporation
Ottawa Trucks, also commonly (and formally) referred to as Kalmar Ottawa, is a company of many things. It is also a subsidiary of the CargotecCorporation, a Finnish industrial machinery company with almost 11,000 employees worldwide as of 2015.

How much does a Kalmar Ottawa weigh?

Model Ottawa 4×2 Off Highway Ottawa 6×4 DOT/EPA
Lifting capacity (In LBS) 60,000 63,300
Turning radius Wheelbase Feet 17 FT 19.85 FT
Length / Width (Inches) 181 x 97 224.6 x 97
Weight (In LBS) 14,500 18,000

How much does an Ottawa spotter truck weigh?

Weights. Gross Combined Weight Rating 81000 lb.

How much does a terminal tractor weigh?

Weight • Approx. weight*: 22,700 lbs • Front axle*: 15,400 lbs • Rear axle*: 7,275 lbs * Depending on specifications.

How much does an Ottawa t2 weigh?


Category Heavy Duty Trucks – Yard Spotter Trucks
Gross Vehicle Weight 40,000 pound
Horse Power 200 HP
Trans Manufacturer ALLISON

What class is terminal tractor?

Class 8
By all standards, terminal trucks (aka yard trucks, hostlers, spotters) are heavy-duty electric vehicles (HDV). According to the Federal Highway Administration, a heavy-duty vehicle has a GVWR >26,001 pounds, and a Class 8 heavy-duty vehicle has a GVWR >33,001 pounds.

What is a UTR truck?

Terminal tractors move semi-trailers around a cargo yard or warehouse facility. Common names are also known as Yard Goat, Yard Spotter Truck, Trailer Jockey, Switcher, Yard Mule, Yard Dog, Yard Hostler, Ottawa YT30, Capacity TJ, and UTR (Utility Tractor Rig).

What is the difference between Gcwr and GCW?

GCW (Gross Combined Weight) – Actual weight of both the trailer, truck and all of its contents. GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) – Simply the GVWR of the truck and the trailer added together.

How do I find my trucks Gcwr?

The GCWR may be found in the “Owner’s Manual” or in the tow vehicle brochure for the model year you own, usually provided by the dealership. The GCWR is assigned by manufacturers and includes the powertrain’s capabilities such as engine, transmission, axles, and gear ratio.

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