Who makes Fist City Beer?

Who makes Fist City Beer?

Revolution Brewing’s
What it is: Revolution Brewing’s Fist City pale ale was first released last summer as a collaborative creation between the Chicago brewery and Wicker Park hipster taco-whiskey heaven Big Star. It was intended to be a one-time offering, and on tap only at Big Star.

How many calories are in a fist city beer?

Personalized health review for User added: Revolution brewing fist city: 150 calories, nutrition grade (N/A), problematic ingredients, and more.

What kind of beer is fist City?

Chicago Pale Ale
Fist City is a Chicago Pale Ale that flashes with citrusy hops and crackles with a light, crisp bitterness. It’s the perfect sidekick to relaxing fun, or a refreshing finish line at the end of a long day — and always a wonderful match to any of our city’s famous dishes.

Who makes revolution beer?

Revolution Brewing is a brewery in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded as a brewpub in 2010 on Milwaukee Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood….Revolution Brewing.

Founded 2010
Key people Josh Deth (owner) Jim Cibak (head brewer) Wil Turner (head pub brewer) Jason Petrie (executive chef)
Production output 24,000 bbl (in 2013)

What is Fist City?

“Fist City” is a country music song written and performed by Loretta Lynn, released in 1968. Inspired by her husband’s dalliances with other women who pursued him while she was busy touring, Lynn wrote the song as a warning for other women to stay away from him if they do not wish to be soundly beaten.

Is revolution brewing independent?

Revolution is Illinois’ largest independently-owned brewery. The change in the U.S. beer scene has undoubtedly been revolutionary.

Where is revolution beer made?

Revolution Brewing is the largest independently owned brewery in Illinois. Its beers are brewed only in Chicago between the original brewpub space in Logan Square and production brewery in nearby Avondale.

When did Fist City come out?

1968Fist City / Released

Who first sang?

Loretta LynnFist City / Artist

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