Who is the best energy provider in Houston?

Who is the best energy provider in Houston?

The best energy providers in Houston are:

  • Reliant Energy.
  • TXU Energy.
  • Cirro Energy.
  • Green Mountain Energy.
  • Pulse Power.
  • AP Gas & Electric (APG&E)

What is the best electricity plan in Houston?

Houston Electricity Rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
TriEagle Energy – SMART Energy 12 12 months 11.6¢ / kWh
TriEagle Energy – SMART Energy 24 24 months 11.2¢ / kWh
TriEagle Energy – SMART Energy 36 36 months 10.9¢ / kWh
TriEagle Energy – Eagle 12 12 months 10.8¢ / kWh

How do I choose an electricity provider in Houston?

Visit www.powertochoose.org or call 866-PWR-4-TEX (1-866-797-4839). You can filter your options based on your usage, your preferred plan type, and several other factors. Once you’ve chosen the retail electricity provider that best suits your needs, you can sign up directly from their website.

How much is the average electric bill in Houston?

Based on ERCOT data, the average home in the Houston / Centerpoint area uses around 15,600 kWh a year, or 1,300 kWh a month. That means the average monthly electricity bill in Houston is $155.74. That’s based on 1,300 kWh a month and an average Texas electricity price of 11.96 cents per kWh as of May 2021.

Who has the cheapest energy rates in Texas?

Frontier Utilities
Currently, Frontier Utilities offers the lowest electricity rates in Texas, starting at 9.9 cents per kWh. Gexa Energy is close behind, offering rates as low as 10.4 cents per kWh.

What is the cheapest electricity provider in Texas?

Texas electricity rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
First Choice Power – You Got This”! After Hours 12 12 months 15.6¢ / kWh
TXU Energy – Clear Deal 12 12 months 11.5¢ / kWh
TXU Energy – Clear Deal 24 24 months 12.5¢ / kWh
TXU Energy – Flex Forward 1 months 15.5¢ / kWh

Why are electric bills so high in Texas right now 2022?

Expect increase for Texas electricity rates 2022 Wholesale electricity prices are expected to jump this summer in the wake of shutdowns of three of the state’s largest coal-fired generating plants. These closures have driven the state’s power reserves down to their lowest in more than ten years.

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