Who is Shiro father in Deadman Wonderland?

Who is Shiro father in Deadman Wonderland?

Hagire Rinichirō

Age 14-15
Branch of Sin Original Sin/Roots (Former)
Occupation Test Subject (Former)
Family Sorae Igarashi (Adoptive Mother) Hagire Rinichirō (Adoptive Father) Chan (Adopted brother) En (Adopted sister)

Who is the main villain in Deadman Wonderland?

Rinichirō Hagire
Rinichirō Hagire (剥切 燐一郎, Hagire Rinichirō) is the main antagonist of the series. He is the one who created Deadman Wonderland and orchestrated the creation of Shiro’s Wretched Egg persona in the experiments he conducted with Sorae Igarashi back when he was a doctor at a Medical Center.

Is Shiro the antagonist in Deadman Wonderland?

Shiro, also known as the Wretched Egg, is the secondary antagonist/deuteragonist of the manga and anime series Deadman Wonderland. She is the source of the Branch of Sin virus, making her responsible for the existence of all Deadmen. She was voiced by Monica Rial.

Who is the old man in Deadman Wonderland?

Idaki Hitara (火多良 懐, Hitari Idaki) a.k.a Condor is an old Deadman previously imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland….

Idaki Hitara
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 77
Branch of Sin Condor Candle

How is Shiro the red man?

Shiro is the Red Man, AKA Wretched Egg, or more precisely, the Wretched Egg is a split personality of Shiro’s. The outfit of the Wretched Egg is derived from Shiro’s personality where Shiro impersonates Ace Man to act as Ganta’s hero. So yes, Ace Man did have direct correlation to Shiro and the Wretched Egg.

Does Ganta love Shiro?

Ganta cares a great deal for his friends and allies. It is later revealed that he actually has strong feelings of love towards Shiro and that the feelings are mutual.

Why is Shiro’s hair white?

Why Shiro’s Hair Is White Why does Shiro have a streak of white hair? According to Shiro’s own hand written notes, it’s because of stress. In his own words, “Stress can do some pretty terrible things.”

Does Ganta find out about Shiro?

Ganta, as a child, accidentally sees her and runs away in fear. Sorae sends Ganta away to his father and Ganta reveals that he does not know who Shiro is, unconsciously ridding her from his mind due to the shock.

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