Who is on the cover of Sister by Sonic Youth?

Who is on the cover of Sister by Sonic Youth?

Sandra Bennett
Packaging. The artwork of the original front cover contained a photograph of 12-year-old Sandra Bennett, taken by Richard Avedon on August 23, 1980, but it was censored for later releases after a threat of a lawsuit.

Is Sonic Youth still married?

In October 2011, Gordon and her husband of many decades, Thurston Moore – who co-founded and co-fronted Sonic Youth with her and the guitarist Lee Ranaldo – announced their divorce.

What is Sonic Youth most famous song?

Bull in the Heather. This is perhaps the most popular and accessible Sonic Youth song. Released in 1994 on Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, the groups second-highest selling album, Bull in the Heather has a definite alternative rock sound to it along with intricate guitar parts.

Does Sonic Youth still play?

In 2011, following the separation and subsequent divorce of Gordon and Moore, the band played their final shows in Brazil. Since the split, the members have said the band is finished and would not reunite.

When did Kim Gordon leave Sonic Youth?

October 2011
In October 2011, indie rock fans everywhere were delivered a heartbreaking blow: Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, the core of New York alt-noise bandits Sonic Youth, were divorcing after 27 years of marriage and effectively ending the beloved band.

Is Kim Gordon a man?

Gordon has spent most of her career being treated differently because of her gender. In 1991, Sonic Youth toured with Neil Young on his Ragged Glory tour. “They thought we were freaks,” she would later recall, “mainly because I was a woman onstage and they always thought I was going to get hurt.

Why did Thurston and Kim break up?

Last year, Gordon told Elle about their split, revealing that it was due to an affair Moore had been carrying on for years. “It ended in a kind of normal way—midlife crisis, starstruck woman,” Gordon said. “Thurston was carrying on this whole double life with her. He was really like a lost soul.”

Is Kim Gordon married?

Thurston MooreKim Gordon / Spouse (m. 1984–2013)

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