Who is known as Karuthamuthu?

Who is known as Karuthamuthu?

Kishor Satya, Renu Soundar and Akshara Kishor played the lead role of season 2 which portrays on the story of Balamol (the daughter of Dr. Balachandran and Karthika)….

Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 22 minutes
Original network Asianet

Is Karuthamuthu and Karthika Deepam same?

Karthika Deepam is an Indian Telugu-language television series which airs on Star Maa and stars Premi Viswanath and Paritala Nirupam. The series is a remake of the Malayalam television series Karuthamuthu, which aired on Asianet.

What is the story of Karuthamuthu?

Balachandran himself and Jayan marry two sisters Karthika and Kanya. Karthika is the dark complexioned, good hearted girl who is committed to her husband. Kanya on the other hand is a pervert influenced by her father. Though Karthika and Kanya are born from same mothers, their fathers are different.

What is the climax of Karuthamuthu serial?

On 9 August 2019, the show was completed and concluded with the climax. Karuthamuthu is the story of a pure heart striving for love and respect in a world of stone-hearted fair-skins….Karuthamuthu.

Title of the show: Karuthamuthu
Channel/Network: Asianet
Karuthamuthu Title Card/Logo:

Who is swapna in Karthika Deepam?

actress Sushma Kiran
Karthika Deepam fans will get to see an intense face-off between Soundarya and daughter Swapna. The show is currently dealing with Soundarya’s attempt to find Sourya while the latter is trying to find Hima. Popular Telugu actress Sushma Kiran is playing the role of Swapna, the elder daughter of Soundarya and Anand Rao.

Is Deepa dead in Karthika Deepam?

As reported earlier, Karthika Deepam will showcase one of the biggest twists in the show ever. Karthik and Deepam will be killed in a road accident as revealed in the latest teaser.

Is Karthika Deepam about to end?

Karthika Deepam, one of the most watched Telugu daily soaps, is likely to conclude soon. Sources suggest that the show might go off-air in the near future and it is most likely to be replaced by the new show Malli, the rumoured remake of Hindi daily soap Imlie starring Pawon Sae in the lead role.

When was karthika Deepam serial started?

October 16, 2017Karthika Deepam / First episode date

Who is Deepa Boruto?

Deepa was a depraved and homicidal member of Kara. He saw himself as a hunter who hunted after his prey. He was metaphorical about how he expressed his desire to see those that he hunted lose all hope before he murdered them. Deepa would kill people on a whim for no other reason besides the joy it brought him.

When did Karthika Deepam serial started?

October 16, 2017Karthika Deepam / Premiere date

What is TRP rating of Karthika Deepam?

Karthika Deepam is currently being telecasted on Star Maa. it has completed 1147 episodes now since its first airing on 16 October 2017….Karthika Deepam TRP Ratings This Week.

Week TRP Rating Rank
Week 44 (30 Oct 2021 To 05 Nov 2021) 14.98 1
Week 43 (23 Oct 2021 To 29 Oct 2021) 15.36 1

Who is the new character in Karthika Deepam?

Karthika Deepam has successfully transcended into its new world where the lead roles Hima and Sourya are grown up. The storyline has new characters and some new names as well. In the upcoming episodes, Sourya will reveal her new name – Jwala. It is shown that Sourya is known as ‘Jwala’ in her neighbourhood.

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