Who has sung One Shining Moment?

Who has sung One Shining Moment?

David BarrettOne Shining Moment / Artist

Who won the NCAA mens basketball in 2013?

Louisville Cardinals
2013 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament

Season 2012–13
Champions Louisville Cardinals* (vacated)
Runner-up Michigan Wolverines (6th title game, 7th Final Four)
Semifinalists Syracuse Orange (5th Final Four) Wichita State Shockers (2nd Final Four)
Winning coach Rick Pitino* (2nd title)

Do they still play One Shining Moment?

“One Shining Moment” is traditionally played at the end of CBS’s and TBS’s coverage of the championship game of the tournament. The song is played as the winning team’s players cut down the nets to a montage of highlights from the tournament….One Shining Moment.

“One Shining Moment”
Written 1986
Songwriter(s) David Barrett

When did Louisville last win the NCAA championship?

Louisville is the only school in the nation to have claimed the championship of three major national post-season tournaments including the 1948 NAIA championship, the 1956 NIT title and the 1980 1986 and 2013 NCAA championships.

Who made One Shining Moment famous?

David Barrett’s
After a year with no men’s NCAA tournament that would have ended with David Barrett’s One Shining Moment being sung by Luther Vandross and played over a montage of highlights from March Madness, it’s all back on Monday.

What is One Shining Moment NCAA?

When a champion is crowned at the end of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, it doesn’t feel official until their highlights are accompanied by “One Shining Moment,” a song that has become synonymous with March Madness.

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