Who has had an Oscar taken away?

Who has had an Oscar taken away?

Scott and Marlon Brando and “The Informer” screenwriter Dudley Nichols — have declined to accept their awards, only one Oscar has been taken back: The only time the academy ever revoked an Oscar is for a 1969 documentary, “Young Americans,” which turned out to be ineligible for that year’s honor.

How has Leonardo DiCaprio not won an Oscar?

The three times he was nominated, he lost out to the following: his role in Blood Diamond was a runner-up to Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood, his role in The Aviator was a runner up to Jamie Foxx in Ray, and his role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? was a runner up to Martin Landau in Ed Wood.

Who did Leonardo DiCaprio lost the Oscar to for Wolf of Wall Street?

For the record, that sentiment is by no means meant to take away from Matthew McConaughey’s impressive and Oscar-winning work in Dallas Buyers’ Club. He isn’t an unworthy Oscar winner. It just so happens that he went up against DiCaprio’s best performance, which in retrospect slightly taints his win.

Did Harvey Weinstein lose his Oscars?

“You know, Harvey Weinstein, there’s no comparison but he still has his Oscars.” Weinstein, who sits in prison now for rape, was expelled from the Academy after sexual assault accusations were filed against him, but the Academy did not strip him of any of his awards.

What did Titanic lose to Oscars?

Los Angeles, California, U.S. Titanic won eleven awards, including Best Picture, a number that is tied with Ben-Hur and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King….Films with multiple nominations and awards.

Nominations Film
14 Titanic
9 Good Will Hunting
L.A. Confidential
7 As Good as It Gets

Will Leo ever win an Oscar?

Five years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio won his first—and only—Oscar for Best Actor (Motion Picture Drama) at the 2016 Academy Awards. He nabbed the trophy for a role as the rough-and-tumbling wilderness man Hugh Glass in 2016’s The Revenant. The moment was kinda-sorta a big one for our dear Leo.

Did Leo win anything for Wolf of Wall Street?

The film received two nominations at the 71st Golden Globe Awards, including Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy with DiCaprio winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

Did Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar for Gilbert Grape?

National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor
Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Most Promising Actor
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape/Awards

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