Who does Ethan end up with in The Lying Game?

Who does Ethan end up with in The Lying Game?

Ethan falls in love with Sutton when she lets her guard down and does not play any Lying Games. In the finale of Season Two, he forgives Sutton for putting him through what she has put him through.

Who did Emma end up with in The Lying Game?

In season two Emma is not with Ethan anymore and has developed feelings for Thayer and are spending more time together. Emma and Sutton continues to switch places. In episode Cheat, Play, Lie Emma and Thayer kiss and are officially a couple.

What is Justins secret in The Lying Game?

In Over Exposed, Justin wins Homecoming King, with Laurel’s help as his campaign manager. However, Justin has a secret- he’s a runaway orphan. His parents died, and he ended up in the foster care system with a nice family, but thy already had three kids to look over so he left for Phoenix.

Do Emma and Ethan end up together in Lying Game?

Emma goes to tell Ethan that she chooses him over Thayer – unfortunately for Emma, Ethan has chosen Dan over her and ends their relationship for good.

Does Emma end up with Thayer?

Ethan was dating Sutton through the summer but as a secret. While Emma and Ethan get closer, Thayer and Emma become good friends. At the end of the season, Emma breaks up with Ethan for kissing Sutton at the farm.

What episode does Emma tells Mads she’s not Sutton?

6 episode of The Lying Game, leading to a whole lot of confusion. And even more revelations. For starters, Mads (Alice Greczyn) found out that Sutton hit on Ryan (Misha Crosby) at the black-and-white ball, which led Emma to reveal the truth: She’s not Sutton!

Who killed Derek and Teresa?

Jordan Lyle – It is believed that he killed Derek and kidnapped Theresa because of the secrets revealed in “Regrets Only”. He was about to tell Mads the mistakes he had done in the past but decides not to.

Do Ethan and Emma end up together in The Lying Game?

Who is Emma and Sutton’s mom?

Annie Rebecca Rybak
Annie Rebecca Rybak (née Sewell) most commonly known as Rebecca, is Sutton and Emma’s biological mother and also Char’s aunt who has returned to town after a long time away and a very messy divorce, and now goes by her middle name, Rebecca. She is portrayed by Charisma Carpenter. She is a member of the Sewell Family.

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