Who did Tina go out with in Coronation Street?

Who did Tina go out with in Coronation Street?

Jason Grimshaw Although at the start their relationship seemed quite steady, one night after a row Tina went out and drunkenly kissed David’s half-brother Nick Tilsley behind Jason’s back, unaware of who he was.

Who is called McIntyre in Coronation Street?

Joe McIntyre (Coronation Street)

Joe McIntyre
Portrayed by Reece Dinsdale
Duration 2008–2010
First appearance 26 May 2008
Last appearance 8 February 2010

Who played Becky McIntyre in Coronation Street?

Katherine Kelly
She has been referred to as a “Coronation Street icon”, and one of the serial’s most popular characters, with critics often praising her activities….

Becky McDonald
Portrayed by Katherine Kelly
Duration 2006–2012
First appearance Episode 6221 5 February 2006
Last appearance Episode 7786 23 January 2012

Who did Tina McIntyre date?

When Tina McIntyre first arrived in Coronation Street in 2008 she was dating David Platt. She got pregnant and had an abortion without telling David and the pair split after he got in trouble with the law.

Why did Tina and David break up?

In January 2009, David has a fight with Gary Windass (Mikey North) and is badly beaten. David persuades Tina to tell the police that Gary started the fight but she cannot commit perjury and tells the truth. Gary is acquitted and Tina and David split up as she is no longer able to cope with his erratic behaviour.

Who did Faye have a baby with?

Anna breaks the news to the family that Faye has given birth and Jackson is the father of Faye’s baby. When Jackson denies being near Faye, let alone having a one-night stand with her, Faye angrily confronts Jackson to tell the truth, but he refuses.

Who did Gail Platt marry in Coronation Street?

Gail Platt

Husband Brian Tilsley (1979–1987, 1988–1989) Martin Platt (1991–2001) Richard Hillman (2002–2003) Joe McIntyre (2010) Michael Rodwell (2015–2016)
Sons Nick Tilsley David Platt
Daughters Sarah Platt
Stepdaughters Tina McIntyre (2010)

Who played Rebecca Hopkins in Coronation Street?

Jill Halfpenny
Rebecca Hopkins was a nurse, played by actress Jill Halfpenny, who had an affair with Martin Platt (Sean Wilson)….

Rebecca Hopkins
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jill Halfpenny
Duration 1999–2000
First appearance 3 December 1999

Why did Becky McDonald leave Coronation Street?

Becky left shortly after to serve a three-month sentence in prison, but was later seen again when she joined a literacy class for ex-offenders. She was joined in the class by Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) who was doing voluntary work. READ MORE: Coronation Street spoilers: Johnny Connor murders Ronnie Bailey?

Why did Tina and Ryan split?

A source told The Sun: ‘Ryan and Tina have a fractious relationship. They are not on good terms and that tension boiled over. ‘Tina, who was at a pal’s house party, came out into the street to meet him as he drove up. Soon after that his car was damaged with the baseball bat.

Is Tina Obrien leaving Corrie?

The 23-year-old, who has played Bethany since 2015, announced she would be leaving Corrie in May 2019. During an appearance on Lorraine, the actress confirmed that she would be filming her final scenes on Corrie in January – and that she will be on screen “maybe until March”.

Did Tina have a baby in Coronation Street?

Spoiler alert! Corrie’s Tina McIntyre makes a decision after giving birth to Gary and Izzy’s baby. Things are never easy in the world of soaps.

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