Who are the professional chefs on Great British Menu?

Who are the professional chefs on Great British Menu?

Great British Menu Series 15 Chefs

  • Central. Alex Claridge. View Alex Claridge.
  • London. Ivan Tisdall- Downes. View Ivan Tisdall- Downes.
  • North East. Alex Bond. View Alex Bond.
  • North West. George Farrugia. View George Farrugia.
  • Northern Ireland. Alex Greene. View Alex Greene.
  • Scotland. Amy Elles.
  • South West. Guy Owen.
  • Wales. Georgia Sommerin.

Who won South East Great British Menu?

Who won the London and South East heat? 2019 Roux Scholar and head chef at The Ritz Spencer Metzger took the title for London and the South East, promising to take at least one of his dishes to the final banquet.

Who are the chefs on Great British Menu 2021?

Great British Menu Series 16 Meet the Chefs

  • South West. Elly Wentworth. View Elly Wentworth.
  • North West. Ashwani Rangta. View Ashwani Rangta.
  • Northern Ireland. Andy Scollick. View Andy Scollick.
  • North East. Alex Bond. View Alex Bond.
  • Wales. Ali Borer.
  • London & the South East. Ben Murphy.
  • Scotland. Amy Elles.
  • Central. Liam Dillon.

Who are the chefs on the Great British Menu 2022?

For the first time since the series started in 2006, a whole new panel of judges is set to hit the screens: Two Michelin-starred celebrity chef Tom Kerridge; celebrated restaurateur Nisha Katona; and last but not least, comedian and Off Menu podcast host, Ed Gamble.

Why did Thomas Carr leave Great British Menu?

He made the shock announcement that he was pulling out of the competition because his son had not long been born and his “head wasn’t in the game”. After somebody on Twitter suggested it might be a “bit of an odd fix” the account for his restaurant responded.

How old is Larkin Cen?

“We did a lot of work on our umami broth,” says the 34-year-old. “We cook it at a very low temperature to achieve a perfectly clear liquid.

Who won Great British Menu 2021?

Liverpudlian Dan McGeorge
30-year-old Liverpudlian Dan McGeorge won Great British Menu 2021. Selected to cook the dessert at the final banquet, McGeorge blew the competition away with his Muriel Crooke and Rosamund Bond-inspired dish.

Who won Great British Menu 2022?

chef Spencer Metzger
The Ritz head chef Spencer Metzger has been crowned the Great British Menu 2022 Champion of Champions.

Do Great British Menu chefs get paid?

GBM contestants aren’t paid to take part in the show. In fact, the restaurants they represent have to supply a budget, although they more than make the money back in exposure we’d imagine.

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